Jul 12, 2009
Hello, I am a 20 yr old pre-med that has recently found out about the Anesthesiology assistant career path. The shorter education time and high earnings are very appealing, but I am wondering how much of the curriculum involves organic/bio-chemistry and physics concepts and how hard is the 2 year training period compared to medical school. I also have a question about the Certifying and Re-Certifying examinations. I noticed on the NCCAA website the exams are offered only Saturdays. I cannot test on Saturdays due to religious reasons as I am a Seventh-day Adventist. How much of a problem would this be when going through education and training at an AA school? Just trying to consider all my options. Thanks!


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Feb 2, 2007
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No problem. You will have rotations on the Sabbath. Jesus healed on Sabbath :) . You should have no qualms with that when entering the healthcare profession. You can file to take the test on a Monday. Tests are not equal to healing. Most people, and lawyers for the ACLU, understand that! You will be fine. Most of the program is physiology, physiology, and physiology. A very fine subject that contains biochemistry, physics, anatomy, and biology.