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    Hi everyone,

    Current MS3 applying this cycle. I've recently heard that some anesthesia residency programs may require a chair or PD LOR in our application, and I was wondering how common that specific requirement is? Although I have plenty of anesthesia LORs, none of them are chairs nor PDs, and I'm not sure I'm able to get one in time as my school does not have an anesthesia program. Would this be problematic applying without chair/PD LORs?

    Additionally, how can we find out which programs require a chair or PD LOR since we don’t have access to ERAS yet? Trying to prepare my application, and I'm not sure if checking every program’s website is the only way to confirm at this point.

    I'd appreciate any insight! Thanks
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    i think this is fairly common. at my med school, once you decide to apply to anesthesiology, you let the department know, and the chair meets with everyone whos applying and writes a letter for everyone.
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