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Jan 13, 2007
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I am MS4 at a top 20 us med school trying to apply for residency match this year. my step 1 score is 220.
My clinical grade not so good. 2-3 high passes(medicine and surgery) and everything else is just pass. I don't know anyone in the field, so my letters will be generic. I took a year off to do basic science research but no publication.

I am trying to apply to either anesthesiology or internal medicine to do either cardio or pulm fellowship.

So my question is:
1. how likely is it for me to get a position at a major university anesthesiology program?
2. What are the future prospects of the anesthesiology compared to cardiology or pulmonology? pros and cons?

I feel like if I don't land a fellowship after 3 yrs of IM, then I'm pretty screwed whereas if i just go into anesthesia, i don't have to worry about such things. Can anyone enlighten me to make a wise decision???:eek: Thanks!!!!


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Aug 8, 2004
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How do you not know anyone in the field? Did you not rotate anesthesiology? If you haven't done a rotation in it, then you really have no idea whether you like it enough to make it your specialty.
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