Another optics question---grrr


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Nov 23, 2002
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    Yes, it's true, more Optics on easter.

    This one is harder. It has to do with spectacle magnification.

    A 6.00 D increase in front surface curvature of a +4.00 D lens with 5 mm thickness and index 1.523 will increase the percent magnification of the total lens by what amount if the central thickness is assumed to be kept constant and the distance from the spectacle plane to the entrance pupil of the eye is 17 mm? The answer is supposed to be 2.17 %

    So I used the formula M=[1/1-t/n F1][1/1-hFv] for two lenses
    Lens 1:
    n=1.523, h=17 mm, t=1
    Lens 2:
    n=1.523, h=17 mm, t=1
    I tried to calculate this out to get magnification for each of the two lenses and calculate the % mag from there but I get 1.67% no matter how many times I do it. ARRGH.

    Wherein lies my ineptitude?
    Eyegirl. :eek:


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    Jan 16, 2004

      does your school offer tutoring...?

      I know in NEWENCO they told us that they hire students to private tutor for a small fee.
      does your school have that service as well.....?

      I mean, if i had a Homework problem, i'd go straight to my classmates or professors....
      (at least thats what i do at my University) im not sure if its different in opt. school.
      i've always elbowed around until i could find that one person that could help me...

      no one has answered you on this forum, have you thought about a different avenue to get your questions answered?
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