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Dec 12, 2008
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GOD!! I thought I'm the only one here. I'm still a DeMolay, not senior mind you, I'm still 18 years old, but I'm currently doing my pre-med in a non-trad way. I'm doing Nursing at some local college in Arizona and I'm in my second year. I'm planning in doing my Pre-Med prerequisites at the same time I'm doing my Nursing core classes.

Oh btw, my DeMolay membership is originally from the Philippines, and my father was a PDDGM (Past District Deputy Grand Master) and a 32 KCCH. I'm also pretty sure there are a lot of (Filipino) Freemasons who are Medical Doctors in all 50 states.

Have you already applied to Med-School? I'm also assuming you're already a Freemason right?
Jul 12, 2008
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Good to meet you! No, I can't apply to med school yet. I finished up my six years in the Navy and I'm now doing my science pre-req's. I plan on applying in Spring of 2010.

Not a mason, yet! Should be putting on EA in January, and (if I can memorize fast enough) get through MM soon enough to go into Scottish Rite later in the year.
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