Anyone heard from OUCOM?

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toothless rufus

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Dec 18, 2004
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Wondering if they have sent any interview invites out yet.

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I recieved my acceptance last week and LOVED the school!!! Really great program. I did learn that they only interview 250 students for 108 spots so there are a lot less people that get the invite...good luck!
Congratulations! The great thing about interviewing a small bunch is they get back to you SUPER quick with the interview ended at 3:30pm and they called me at 5pm the SAME DAY to offer my acceptance :)

I interviewed on 9/29, a Friday, and received an acceptance three days later. The school is great and the people are incredibly friendly and helpful. I went on their first day of interviews so I imagine they have yet to send out many invites, so no need to start worrying yet :)