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I already asked this in Dental forum but for those who dont go there. Does anyone know what is going on in Washington next week? I know a few deans are headed there for some sort of conference. I dont know if this is a western states thing, or national.

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81st Annual Session & Exposition

Session Description Annual Session & Exposition
Sponsor American Dental Education Association
Event Dates: 3/6/04 thru 3/10/04
Location Convention Center
City Seattle
State WA

ADEA annual session meets in March in Seattle

Seattle ? The American Dental Education Association will hold its 81st Annual Session and Exposition March 6-9 at the Washington State Convention Center.

The development of leadership skills is the focus of this year's session, whose theme is "Mentoring: Leadership, Learning, Legacy." Special programs will cover ethics, recruitment and retention, and faculty development while a half-day workshop will address how to conceptualize and write scholarly papers. A technology fair will feature lecture-style presentations and the latest in software and technology as it applies to instruction, clinical and administrative information systems and other topics in dental education.

An exposition on March 8-9 will include exhibitors from 100 dental education institutions and corporate product suppliers.

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