Jul 24, 2016
3rd year pros resident here - I'm applying to ortho to piggyback on my pros training. All is going well, except for the blasted ADAT!

Everyone around me tells me I shouldn't worry about it, but the uncertainty of the content has me a bit on edge. I graduated from dental school in 2010 so I'm digging pretty deep for some of the biomedical sciences stuff. I get the feeling from discussions on SDN the feel is the ADAT isn't going to play a central role this year - its highly speculative conclusion and is likely just wishful thinking on my part. Sad part is I'm only applying to one ortho program that is requesting the ADAT -> UMN.

My non-PASS applications are in, and my PASS applications are all finished except for an update on my GRE scores (Aug 12) and the ADAT (Jul 27). I've been through the process before for Pros in 2013, but its no easier this time.

I've asked around at the school I'm doing my residency and gather people are avoiding programs requesting the ADAT (my sample size is only ~20). Is that the same where you are?
Jun 20, 2012
Salt Lake City, UT
Dental Student
The students at our school who are applying for Orthodontics this year, including myself, are just not applying to the few schools that require the ADAT. I don't know about other schools. In fact, we have ten students applying for residencies and none of them are taking the ADAT. In my opinion, you really only stand to hurt your application if you do poorly, and the scores are accessible by every program on PASS. Whereas a good score might not stand out because of how new the test is. For what it's worth, a GPR director and Pediatric residency director in Utah both required the ADAT, but after attending an ADA meeting about the ADAT, both changed to not requiring it.