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  2. O

    The DSCKE in Orthodontics-Canada

    Dear colleagues, I would like some help in regards to the DSCKE exam in Canada. I would like to take this exam in 2021. If I understand correctly, the specialty does not matter and the exam is the same for all specialties. I would like to know: -Is there a complete list of study materials? or...
  3. O

    The reality of Ortho residencies?

    Could anyone give me some details on what their day to day is really like for an ortho residence (I know your experience is program specific, just want to get as many perspectives as possible)? What kind of cases do you see most often? What is the relationship like with your co-residents? What...
  4. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  5. O

    Anyone looking for an Ortho opening?

    I'm new here and love the camaraderie, information and interactions I see.
  6. bbatasari

    MS in Orthodontics

    Hi everyone, I am a foreign trained dentist ( FTD) currently practicing. I am looking at various career options in the US for FTDs. I am unable to figure out what are the career opportunities and prospects like after doing a Masters program without a DDS/DMD for FTDs Are there any restrictions...
  7. S

    Disposable Surgical Instruments

    Which disposable surgical instruments / tools are used by Dentists and Orthodontists for daily use or Oral Surgery?
  8. D

    Loan Advice - Orthodontics

    Hi. So - I love orthodontics and am committing to this no matter what. But I want help with the financial situation, because we aren't taught much of this in school. After dental school, I will be $400,000 in debt. With ortho residency, it will be $600,000. I know I should choose a cheap...
  9. C

    Specializing as an international student trained in US dental school

    Hi, I am currently a D3 attending an accredited US dental school. As you may have assumed from the title, I am an international student who has no US citizenship nor a green card. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will have any limitations in applying to specialty programs. I am specifically...
  10. C

    ortho: should I take the GRE now, before I start dental school?

    I'm interested in pursuing ortho, and after looking at some programs, it seems like the GRE is required by most. Would it be smart to take it now, before I start my first year of dental school? I heard in some of my interviews that they may be changing the GRE requirement to the ADAT instead, so...
  11. bcsuccess

    Dental Business Question (Multiple Practices With Associates)

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to ask a question about private practice in dentistry. I want to be an orthodontist hands down, because I like how they operate. Straightening other people's teeth by aligning brackets and other things, but having a staff that does basically all of the hands on work...
  12. M

    New Here, I don't want braces. Is there a better option?

    Hi everyone, I live in the San Diego area and I am looking to try out some of those clear plastic braces (not sure what they are called) instead of going the traditional route of metal braces. Does anyone have any additional resources about this or know the cost, maintenance of going this...
  13. B

    Any good resources to learn ortho?

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone had good Ortho resources that they would be willing to suggest/share. Anything that would get me to understand the basic concepts for Ortho, including patient assessment, diagnosing, and treatment planning. Not the best taught course at my dental school...
  14. M

    What are the highest paid medical/dental specialties PER HOUR?

    Not considering yearly salary, what are the highest paid hourly med/dent specialties? I’ve heard orthopedics, plastics, dermatology, orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery all make a killing but some work fairly more hours/week.
  15. S

    Orthodontic Fellowships/Internships

    Hey all, I applied to orthodontics this year and unfortunately did not match. I am trying to figure out what I want to do next year. I am currently doing a GPR and could potentially be the chief next year. I am fully committed to becoming an orthodontist and want to make my application as...
  16. TheToothTamer

    Orthodontics History Statistics

    I'm Currently a D1, and many of my classmates have dreams to become an orthodontist one day. I hear "orthodontics" mentioned pretty much everyday by both faculty and students. Since orthodontics is extremely competitive to pursue today, I was wondering if anyone knew about its past...
  17. A

    UIC Orthodontics

    Hi! Any opinions on the UIC orthodontics residency program? Is it considered a strong clinical program?
  18. D

    Do I have a chance at a dental Residency? Pls help

    Hey Everyone I graduated from dental school in 2015. Dental School GPA - 3.4 Class Rank- Ranked in the last 30% of the class Undergrad GPA- 3.78 Barely any leadership or research awards. Passed all the NBDE and NERB examinations. In the two years I have been working, I haven't enjoyed much...
  19. B

    Student Debt and Army Reserves while in ROTC?

    So I'm a graduating senior now who wants to become an orthodontist. I've wanted to become this for years for various reasons. I know becoming an orthodontist is extremely competitive so I'm attending the Citadel, which is the military college of South Carolina next semester. The Citadel is...
  20. B

    Applying for 2 residency programs

    Hi! I am wanting to apply for an Orthodontic residency but worried I may not get in. There is a specific AEGD program that I am also really interested in and would love to have that as a backup. The AEGD program is a non match and so I am wondering if this is possible? Also, would it look...
  21. O

    Research opportunity in Orthodontics

    We are looking for an Orthodontist (or Orthodontic resident) to join our research academic group (remote collaboration). The successful candidate must have excellent medical/academic writing skills and ability to write, comprehend and discuss research papers in the orthodontic field. To express...
  22. Manzielin

    Question about HPSP

    Im debating HPSP. I definitely want to specialize, orthodontics if I have the stats. Do you think HPSP would give me a better chance at getting an orthodontic residency? Could I apply to the military residencies and "normal" residencies when that time comes around? Thanks in advance.
  23. M

    Class Rank vs. GPA when applying to speciality programs

  24. 56101991

    For the sake of argument, what is the best dental speciality and why?

    Benefits/disadvantages to each in private practice?
  25. wengerout

    Does it still make sense to specialize?

    Hello all, I wanted to ask does it still make sense for new grads to specialize (Not including OMFS). I have a long road ahead in terms of getting through dental school. I originally planned to pursue Orthodontics(Or possibly Endodontics) after dental school. However, I am now reading negative...
  26. T

    Dual Specialties?

    I've heard various things about having more than one specialty. For example, a prosthodontist can still do some general dentistry work, but cannot (ethically) label themselves a general dentist AND a prosthodontist. I would really love to to do ortho, but I also want to provide non-ortho...
  27. wengerout

    GP vs. Ortho

    Hey everyone! I wanted to ask if it still makes sense to pursue an Ortho residency or would I be better off being a GP and then taking a bunch of Ortho CE? I know with the rise of "Super GP's" the future of Ortho might be uncertain. What do you guys think?
  28. B

    Orthodontist Job

    Hello, I am looking to specialise in Orthodontics in the UK/Ireland. I have 2 years of experience as a General Dentist. Could someone please tell me how difficult it is to become an orthodontist? Is the Job more difficult compared to other specialities? Also, is there any future for an...
  29. SHDent

    Applying again... Ortho this time. Avoiding ADAT?

    3rd year pros resident here - I'm applying to ortho to piggyback on my pros training. All is going well, except for the blasted ADAT! Everyone around me tells me I shouldn't worry about it, but the uncertainty of the content has me a bit on edge. I graduated from dental school in 2010 so I'm...
  30. N

    Orthodontics program

    Hello! Hope everybody is good.. I have a question. I am an international dentist. I will present the boards (part 1 and 2), toefl and GRE (between this year and next year). Right now I am doing research at uconn health center, in cell biology department, probably I will have a project with a...
  31. D

    Ortho residency with surgical exposure

    Hello! Are there any specific orthodontic residency program that provide exposure to minor surgical procedures such as simple canine exposures, gingivectomies, frenectomies, etc? Thank you!
  32. B

    Orthodontic programs supplemental application stuff

    Does anyone know of any Ortho residency programs that don't require any or at least don't require much extra outside of the PASS application? I noticed 2 so far that don't seem to need anything aside from a 2x2 photo, but I was hoping someone might know of a few that don't have a lengthy...
  33. M

    Orthodontic Application Questions

    I am applying for Ortho and I don't know how to pick which schools I should apply to? What are the factors that you want to look at when picking? Also, why are some ortho programs around 10K per year while others are around 60K? And lastly, when applying, I just need 5 Letters of...
  34. T

    DO/DMD Question on Specializing

    Hey guys, My school offers a DO/DMD 6 year program. I am interested in dentistry and neurology. I wanted to either specialize in oral surgery or orthodontics, and neurosurgery. Would this be possible or what would my options look like and how would my career path look like? Thanks, much...
  35. A

    Orthodontics: suggestions about class II malocclusion topic

    Hi everybody, i've just signed up to this forum, i'm a 4th year student actually studying in Madrid. It's not simple to find good online communities for dental students in spain, so i decided to try this one! I've been given an assignment in orthodontics, i'm supposed to give a 20min lecture...
  36. N

    Question: Work in US as a orthodontics

    Hello! I have a question, if I am a international dentist, and I pass nbde 1 and 2, if I apply for orthodontics in US after finished the program I can work? Or is better if I do a resident of general dentistry and then apply for orthodontics? Thank you, in advace..
  37. U

    Update in requirements for University of Iowa Orthodontic candidates

    https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/orthodontics-residency-application Faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics feel that residency program participation in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program is fair and beneficial to applicants. We also feel that it is in the long-term...
  38. C

    Can you become an orthodontist after graduating and working as a GP for few years?

    Also if your GPA or rank was not incredible, can you improve your chance while working as a general dentist?
  39. T

    Getting an Orthodontics Residency

    Hi all, I am a student at UPenn Dental school. I have about a 3.5 GPA. If I am unable to improve it, could I still get into an ortho program? What could I do to help my chances? I was thinking maybe to do a GPR and then apply....would this get my low GPA overlooked? I have one publication, but...