applying to both PCOM & PCOM-GA: question about secondaries

Mar 27, 2010
So I'm applying to both campuses, but both of the secondary essay questions are identical. I submitted GA's secondary yesterday, but now I'm trying to do PA's, but I feel like I have a problem. In GA's I wrote that part of the reason I'd love to go there is because of location (I'm from FL) and that I ultimately want to practice medicine in the South. I also talked about how the smaller city atmosphere would be a great change from Miami. But now I feel like I have a dilemma. I also applied to the PA campus because I LOVE big cities, but can I say anything about location now in this essay? I feel like I can't because I'd be contradicting whatever I said in the GA secondary.

I mean, what sets the 2 campuses apart anyway, besides the obvious location and one is more geared toward rural medicine, while the other is in a huge city. Any input? I just have no idea what to say in this opening paragraph of this essay, and I'd hate to contradict myself or come out looking like a liar and have the adcom think I just want to get in to whatever place will take me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)


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Be honest, they will ask you about it during your interview. Explain why you'd consider moving from FL to PA because it is a drastic change. PCOM seems to discriminate geographically to a degree to odds may be you won't have to worry about it anyway.


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Yeah, just be honest. Both schools have different admissions committees so don't worry about one person from admissions reading both of your essays.

It's not really contradictory to say that you love both big cities and rural locations. I don't know if you're like me, but I love big cities for the entertainment, culture, and scope of patient populations it offers. While at the same time, I love rural locations for its low cost of living, quiet, and peaceful feeling.

You can still say in your PA secondary that you love big cities although you would like to ultimately practice in rural souther locations. Although as mentioned above, PCOM-PA is biased towards PA/northeast students while GA campus is biased towards southern students.

Don't stress too much over this. Be honest in your secondaries and interviews....much easier to do than conjure up something fake.