Jun 27, 2016
Other Health Professions Student
I graduated from college last year and am working at a top 4 mgt consulting firm in their technology practice. I feel unfulfilled and know that my heart lies in practicing medicine. I would like to do a post bacc to help me get into med school.

My background: I was an information systems major with a 3.85 GPA at a business college at competitive state school. I had a 2100 SAT score. The only somewhat relevant classes i have taken are in statistics, calculus, several programming classes, a philosophy ethics, sociology and, AP Psych. I had good ECs including a significant leadership position heading management of the student investment fund.

For the last 5 years I have done volunteer work for national cancer organization and regular activities with elementary school students. I have been volunteering at a local hospital for 2 years. In high school (way back), I volunteered at a hospital for a summer and shortly shadowed three doctors, and look back on those experiences very fondly.

Why now: I didn't initially pursue medicine because many practicing physicians (parents and grandparents included), whom I talked to were very cynical about the healthcare system. They were unhappy and warned me that medicine is becoming a business, and it is hard to help the patient in circumstances where profit and utilization hours are making the ultimate decision. This made me quite sad, especially hearing it from trusted physicians and family, but knowing what I know now, I am confident I am passionate enough to pursue medicine as a career.

What are my chances and where should I apply?


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Jun 28, 2015
State of residence?
Willing to move?
Willing to take the GRE?