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  1. scwahl96

    PBPM 2024-2025

    Hello there, all! Starting up the thread for those that will be attending career changer PBPM programs this Spring (2024 - 2025 cohorts). I would love to hear where everyone has applied to / been accepted to / committed to! Right now, I have an acceptance to Hopkins and am planning to attend...
  2. Y

    SFSU Post Bacc vs UCBx Post Bacc

    Hello, I've been recently accepted into both San Francisco State University's Formal Pre-Health Professions Program and UC Berkely Extension's Health Professions Program. I wasn't sure which one would be the better choice, could anyone who has been in either provide some insight?
  3. Joanna Shephard

    Agnes Scott Summer 2023

    Hey guys! I just wanted to start a thread for people accepted and applying to any of the Agnes Scott SMP/Post-bac programs. I just committed to the Med-Flex program. I am also low-key looking for a roommate around the Decatur area for the program so if you are in the same boat or know someone...
  4. AccountingtoMD

    Northwestern University (NU/NWU) Post Bacc Pre-Medical Application Process Information/AMA

    When I started looking for Post Baccalaureate Programs there was stark lack of information on the programs I was interested in. Hopefully this post can help someone. I only applied to one school, Northwestern University, because it was my favorite of the Post Baccs I researched. It has very...
  5. bananabag

    Post Bac CAS CV/Resume vs. Experiences

    Hi all! I'm current applying to post baccalaureate pre-med programs on the Postbac CAS and I have a question about experiences and our CV/Resume. I understand we're required to fill our the experiences and upload a CV/resume. I, however, don't quite understand the difference. Is it acceptable...
  6. H

    Morehouse School of Medicine MSMS 2020-2022

    Hey all! Seems like no one has really posted about the program for this particular cycle so here’s a thread to get it started! Feel free to post if you hear anything in the next few weeks or if you have any questions. Good luck to you all!
  7. H

    University of Florida Post-Bacc

    has anyone done the UF post bacc program (UF PHPB) or know anyone who has done it? I've been accepted to the program, but there seem to be very few reviews since the program is relatively new (2014).
  8. M

    Advice on timeline and feasibility

    Hi everyone, I would like some advice/opinion on my plan for doing a post bacc. A little background info: I am a 22 year old female working full time as software engineer for a little over a year. I have a BS in Computer Science with a cGPA of 3.67 and sGPA of 3.17. My GPA trend (in order...
  9. P

    Nova MBS vs Touro MS Middletown vs Touro MS Harlem

    Hey, I recently was accepted into both Touro Harlem MS and Touro Middletown MS, and am currently waiting to hear back from Nova for their MBS program. I wanted to know which program, you guys would do? Please feel free to post honest feedback on any of these programs.
  10. D

    Agnes Scott 2019 - 2020

    Hey wanted to start this thread for anyone applying for the Agnes Scott post-bacc program or who was accepted! (I was accepted but looking for some more details before deciding) Also any students who finished the program within the past five years, what were your impressions of the program?
  11. C

    Goucher Post-Bac 2019-2020

    Hi everyone, I have decided to submit my deposit for Goucher's PBPM program for the 2019-2020 class year. Is there anyone else who has decided to join the class? I was admitted to both Bryn Mawr and Goucher and ultimately sided with Goucher because Bryn Mawr's program would have required...
  12. D

    Stay with NYU Post Bacc or DIY Post Bacc? | JHU Ugrad

  13. R

    SUNY Purchase Post-Bacc Pre-Med Program

    Hi, Has anyone applied to SUNY Purchase to complete pre-med requirements as a post-bacc? I am looking to do a DIY program but it looks very risky considering that post-baccs get last pick on classes and labs are separate from lecture. Anyone that has been there or know someone who has? Would be...
  14. Fz94

    Question regarding postbacc/prevet masters program/poor chances of getting into vetschool

    I am a graduate from Santa Clara University with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and I am currently applying for Vet Schools for the 2019 application cycle. I am planning to apply to 13 vet schools in total. My question is regarding how Vet Schools actually look at the GPA you would earn form a...
  15. S

    Northwestern Health Sciences University Post Bacc Program

    Hi! I got accepted into the Northwestern Health Sciences University Post Bacc Program for fall 2018. Anyone in the program or has completed it have any reviews or can give me their perspective about the program? Thanks in advance!
  16. P

    UCSD Extension Premed Post Bacc 2019-20

    Hi guys! I know I'm making this thread super early, but I just thought whoever else is interested in this cycle we can kind of bounce off of each other and go through this process together! Any advice, anything that can help each other out, just put it here! I know applications open September...
  17. M

    Do Penn's specialized studies or DIY?

    I applied this past cycle and received one interview. Stats: cGPA 3.51, sGPA 3.28, 500. So basically, I am deciding whether I want to do a formal post bacc program, like Penn's, or maybe even PCOM's or Tulane's MS programs, or should I not risk the possibility of doing poorly (also money...
  18. J

    Uconn post bacc vs. BU MAMS

    Hi All -
  19. B

    Need advice on Post-Bac or Not

    Pretty much just looking for helpful opinions here whether they're negative or positive. Basically finished finished undergrad with these stats: 3.46 cGPA 3.35 sGPA 497 MCAT (retook just waiting for scores (hopefully 500+)) Really looking to get into a northern school. I am wondering if it's...
  20. abisho15

    LECOM Post Bacc 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hey guys! Haven't seen a thread for this yet so figured I'd start one. Has anyone else applied for the post bacc yet?
  21. I

    LaSalle Post bac

    I was wondering if anyone had recent experiences with the LaSalle Post Bac program. I read the thread from 2010 but was hoping for more recent experiences. They don't seem super organized but i'm not in a position to be picky.
  22. T

    Mills College Post Baccalaureate 2018

    Starting a forum for those applying to the Mills College Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Program in 2018. I've seen past threads for the Mills Post Bacc, but none for this year. If you're applying, where are you from? If you went to visit the campus, did you like it? Any concerns about the program?
  23. R

    Rocky Vista (RVU-COM) MSBS 2018 Applicants' Thread

    General thread for the Rocky Vista University Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program. I'm a current MSBS student at RVU. I'm happy to say last year's tumultuous thread isn't relevant to potential applicants. I encourage applicants to ask questions and my classmates to share their...
  24. O

    Post Bacc

    I am currently applying to medical school. Still waiting to hear back if I have any interviews. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for post bacc programs? I'm planning on doing one next year if I don't get in. I've been looking at the program at Mississippi College. I've also...
  25. S

    2018-2019 Bryn Mawr APPLICATION THREAD

    Hi fellow SDN members! I've submitted my application to Bryn Mawr's Post-Baccalaureate Program (which was marked complete on October 2nd) and was wondering if anybody else has applied Early Action and heard back yet. I'd be super appreciative if other applicants and alumni shared as much...
  26. M

    WesternU MSMS 2018/2019

    Anyone applying this year?
  27. Y

    Full-time Job and Part-time Student VS Full-time Post-Bacc

    I am 15 months out from graduating and have a full-time job working in the tech industry since graduation. Currently I am working full-time, coaching youth soccer at a high-level, and taking a course at a time for my prereqs for med school. I am considering doing a Post-bacc, but that would...
  28. F

    PCOM Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    I was wondering if you guys thought I had any chance of getting into PCOM biomedical sciences program for the fall of 2018. My Stats: cGPA: 2.87 GPA over the past 2 years: 3.08 MCAT: 492 (retaking) I have made significant progress over the last 2 semesters, making deans list. Do I have a shot?
  29. U

    Postbac or SMP?

    Hello, I would much appreciate some advice on what I should currently do now in order to prepare for medical school applications - pursue a Postbac program or SMP? I went to UCLA and my sGPA is 3.3 and my cGPA is 3.5. I initially had a 3.8 sGPA and cGPA my first 1.5 years of college but...
  30. Cornfed101

    Post bacc will widen GPA gap. Good idea?

    I finished a degree in mechanical engineering from a respectable university (top 70 ME EN program). I have a 3.19 uGPA and a 3.22 sGPA. I have been working for a medical software company for the past two years (applicable, but I'm on the revenue cycle side so not as applicable as it could be)...
  31. MedDesigner

    PostBacc or MS - Career Changer

    BS Industrial Design Background in Biomaterials Technology, 1 semester of Physics, and 1 semester of Calc No Bio or chem, no labs. GPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.75 (only includes Engineering (3 credits), Biomaterials Technology (3credits), Environmental Science (3 credits), and Physics (3 credits) - Am I...
  32. B

    Can anyone rate these post-bacc programs?

    I'm considering completing a post-bacc or SMP as an academic record enhancer and am hoping to get some feedback on the following programs, preferably from students who have already completed them or anyone who knows about the med school acceptance rates of graduates: -Drexel Sacramento IMS -CSU...
  33. C

    More dental experience or diversify my experiences with dental research?

  34. I

    Acceptance Rates into Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bacc) Programs

    Hey guys - Does anyone have information regarding acceptance rates into post-bacc programs? I'm seeing recommendations (minimum GPA requirements, etc.), but I'm hoping to gain a better idea of my chance of admission. Thank you!
  35. A

    George Mason University, MS in Nutrition

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where exactly to post this since it's not quite Pre-Med and there isn't a separate forum for Nutrition either-- I guess "Pre-Health" is the best way to label where I am right now. In any case, I'm interested in pursuing the MS in Nutrition program at George Mason...
  36. A

    Post bacc? Clinical job? Other options?

    Hi all, Do you think with my stats and trend I should do a post-bacc? Or focus on writing better secondaries and getting more clinical experience? I applied to a bunch of schools (around 24 MD, a couple DO) and didn't get a single interview- I was pretty crushed to say the least. It took me...
  37. BlackStar90

    Charles Drew MS in Biomedical Science vs William Carey MS in Biomedical Sciences program

    Hey all! So I wanted advice on what program to do. William Carey's 1 year MS in Biomedical Science program (no true linkage) is connected with an Osteopathic medical school and Charles Drew's 1 year MS in Biomedical Science program (and optional 2nd year to get an MPH) is connected with the...
  38. P

    Boston University vs. University of Michigan vs. Case Western SMPs

    Hi everyone! I've been accepted into these 3 SMP/academic enhancer programs and I really need some help deciding which program to attend, if anyone (especially individuals attending/have attended) would be able to offer some insight into your experiences and knowledge (at your earliest...
  39. L

    Rutgers Newark MBS vs Piscataway?

    Hello guys for people who did the program what is the main difference between the two? I went to the Newark MBS page but cannot find a curriculum, on the other hand Piscataway seem to tailor their classes the same as RWJMS`s classes. I live in NY (one of the boroughs) so Newark is better...
  40. BlackStar90

    Mercer MS in Biomedical Sciences 2017

    Hey all! I wanted to ask anyone if they know of anyone who has attended this program or themselves attended the program. I know they take 8 students into their entering class ( I am assuming this is a good thing) but I was wanting to gain more insight. Of course if you have not done the program...