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Sep 14, 2017
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I could use as much help as I can get, thanks everyone!!
So, I'm currently in my last year in my undergrad in Ontario,Canada and my GPA isn't the absolute best.. but could be worse.
I am planning on applying to Optometry school this year for the September 2018 year, and I know the registration opened in July. I toke my OAT's once in May and didn't do as well as I hoped, so I plan on re-taking it in December. So I was wondering, if I should just apply to all 8 schools I want to now before I re-take the OAT's with my poor GPA, or wait till I re-write my OAT's hoping for a better score. Also by December, I will have my grades from my current classes I am taking in my last year of undergrad.
I've read that its better to apply as early as possible, but just wondering if that's better than waiting for my better OAT score to out weight my poor GPA and wait for my grades from my current classes of my undergrad which I know will be a lot better.
I have lots of shadowing experience and lots of extra curricular activities that might look good.
Also, I toke a tour of NOVA optometry and when I mentioned that I went to a university in Canada, they say they would "obviously take my average and bring it up a bit because Canadian universities are harder" Any other Canadians get this happen to them? And is this true for all American optometry universities that Canadians apply to?
Thank you all for your help!!


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Apr 28, 2017
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Do you mind me asking how you did on the oat and what your gpa is? I am also a candian student but I'm interested in applying next year.
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