1. S

    Frantic about what specialty to go into FM, psych, Neuro, IM???? Need advice

    Okay I'm a third year D.O. Canadian (need visa) with level 1 score of 428 (just passed) and 50-75th percentile class ranking and no usmle. Long story short I wanted to do psych and Neuro in undergrad and still am very interested in these subjects, coming into medical school I was aiming for...
  2. V

    Canadian DO Applicant

    I'm a Canadian applicant trying to apply to American DO schools. I wanted to know if its easier to get into DO schools rather than MD schools as a Canadian? I was also stressed over having a shadowing experience with a physician as it's extremely difficult to get one in Canada and whether my ECs...
  3. S

    WAMC for Canadian with weird stats applying to USMD

    Hey everyone! I'm a Canadian applicant applying for the first time to USMD programs, and I'm in a pretty weird position. Here are my stats: Canadian Brown Male cGPA:3.8 sGPA:3.7 MCAT: 527 My main point of concern is that I had three B's in my first year in chemistry and physics courses and a...
  4. teehee123

    What are my chances with my stats

    Hi,2 I am a Canadian student looking to apply to American dental schools. My GPA is 3.64 My GPA is 3.55 My DAT score: PAT:19 QR:18 RC:23 BIO:21 GC:20 OC:18 TS:20 AA:20 I still have to get shadowing experience butbecause of COVID, it has been very difficult to find. My ideal option would be to go...
  5. L

    WAMC US medical schools as Canadian applicant (3.92/518)

    Stats: 3.92 cGPA, 3.81 sGPA 518 (129, 127, 130, 132) Canada/Ontario; lived in Texas 2011-2017, family still lives in Texas South Asian ORM University of Toronto 2021, HBsc Neuroscience major, Psychology major, Writing and Rhetoric Minor ECs: 1. Research: developmental psychology lab 1.5 years...
  6. P

    Any Pre-Doctoral Internships Starting in January 2022 in Canada?

    Hello All, First time posting. I was accepted via APPIC post-match to an internship in the States as a Canadian student. My school's liaison for connecting visa says they have to get clearance from State Department. The clearance hasn't come yet in order to process my paperwork. My internship...
  7. S

    ERAS token vs Interfolio for letters of recommendations?

    For rotation letter of recommendations, our school gave us a token for ERAS to be able to have the letters submitted to ERAS from the preceptors. However does that mean they will only be available for one application cycle? I remember services like Interfolio for undergrad allowed you to save...
  8. nidgehog

    Canadian Graduate Student worrying about this application cycle

    Hey everyone! Hope you're all well. I'm a new member here and was wondering if I could get some more insight into the US MD application process. So a little background about me: I am a Canadian citizen who attended a Canadian university for undergrad and also currently attending a Canadian...
  9. E

    Canadian 4th Year looking to apply to Optometry School in US

    Hi guys, kinda nervous to be positing on here but i really need some advice. I'm currently a 4th year Canadian student studying in a science background and I've only recently realized I wanted to pursue optometry so I'm a bit behind compared to most pre-opt people. I had a bit of a difficult...
  10. D

    Canadian NDEB exam prosthodontics question help!

    Hi all, I am stuck on a particular question while studying for the Canadian dental board exam, does anybody have any thoughts on this one? A survey of the master cast shows that the 3.5 and 3.7 abutments for a fixed partial denture have different paths of insertion with respect to 3.7. A...
  11. L

    WAMC Canadian, First Time Applicant, Low DAT

    Date of submission: July 1st 2020 Overall GPA: ~3.65 (3.7 by time of graduation) Science GPA: ~ 3.6 (not sure if A&P and statistics count here) Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: ~3.6 (3.7 after retakes) DAT score (include AA and all sections): Bio: 18, GC: 18, TS: 18, RC: 23, PAT: 19, AA: 20 (I'll be taking...
  12. P

    Non-resident US Citizen Chances for Dental Schools

    Hey guys, I am finishing off my sophomore year (at Western university in Canada), and was wondering what options I have for dental schools in the US. I am a US citizen (but not a resident of any state because my family moved away years ago). I am also a Canadian citizen, but considering my gpa...
  13. F

    3rd DO Canadian student, interested in IM, MCCQE1 now?

    Hi guys, I'm a 3rd year DO student from Canada and plans to go back after residency. Since a chief resident/fellowship is more common than work under supervision, I'm wondering should I take the MCCQE1 during 4th year or during/after residency. I heard there is so much loop to go through to be...
  14. V

    Statement of need- EM *please help!*

    Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian in 3rd year of med school in US. I'm interested in applying for EM and wanted to clarify some things. I kind of suck at legal things/ visas and want to triple check my understanding. When I was in 1st/2nd year Canadians at my school told me we could apply for only 4...
  15. N

    Prerequisites for medical school

    Hi, I am a Canadian student, at our uni we have two physics courses considered "Exclusions" of each other. I'm wondering if I take these two courses to fulfill the one year of physics requirement, do USA med school from upon this? Has anyone ever had this problem? TIA
  16. D

    DAT Transcript Dilemma

    I'm a Canadian resident and I requested the CDA to send my DAT transcript to admissions offices of the universities I've applied to back in May. 8 out of the 10 universities I applied to received the transcript except for Tufts and Temple University. I tried to reach out and get a hold of them...
  17. G

    Canadian Applicant, what are my chances??

    Hello, I was wondering if I have a chance to land interview for next cycle. I am applying as canadian applicant. cGPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.88 MCAT1:124/128/126/126 MCAT2: 130/128/130/130 EC: canadian and international shadowing, 500 h clinical volunteering, 2 years worth of research no Pub...
  18. C

    Chances for DO - Canadian with uneven application

    What are my chances with the following stats as a Canadian: s/cGPA - 3.35 (2 years DIY: 3.9) MCAT - 517 EC: Hospice, DO shadowing overseas medical volunteering University first responders work with at risk youth work with homeless shelter LOR: weak faculty LORs Ethnicity: ORM Thanks
  19. D

    Certiphi Check - Canadian Additional Form

    Hello! I completed my Certiphi Background check info and submitted it, trying to complete the Canadian-specific form right now. For section D - Identification Verification, it states that "you must meet face to face with a representative of the organization which requested your background...
  20. P

    Canadian Applicant - WAMC?? Please help!

    cGPA: 3.85 , sGPA: 3.97 , MCAT1: 500 (3 years ago), MCAT2: 509 , Lots of unique ECs, Currently finishing up MSc I know that my MCAT scores are not the best. I'm a little afraid that it will hold me back. I'm planning to apply to these schools: Wayne State NYMC Howard MSU Central Michigan...
  21. Epic Canadian Doctor

    Canadian Students at US Medical School

    Does anyone here know how easy or hard it is for a Canadian with a medical degree from a US school to work in the US or to work in Canada?
  22. N

    Canadian Trying to Study in the States

    I recently received an acceptance offer. The next steps are to pay my deposit and try to figure out how am I legally allowed to study in the states. From my understanding, I need some type of Visa to study in the states for the 4 years? On the US embassy website it states: " Canadian citizens...
  23. duckegg

    WAMC and School List Help (Canadian Applicant)

    Hello I'm currently on my first gap year, and I plan on applying to American schools this coming cycle. I'm wondering if there are any schools to add/omit from this list, as well as any advice on how to improve my application as an international applicant. Also, during undergrad I didn't take...
  24. K

    Canadian Friendly US Dental Schools

    I know I will not make it into Canadian dental schools due to the rough first year I had (due to major illness). I am a music major currently in my second year. My first year GPA was 2.4 (like I said, I was very sick), but first semester of this year, it was 3.3, which bumped my CGPA up to 2.74...
  25. D

    No interviews yet, what's wrong?

    Can anyone comment about not receiving any interviews or rejections at this point and what they think of my chances of a post-December interview? I've had pretty much no contact from my schools. Here is my info: -Canadian/US dual citizen -Queen's University BScH Life Sciences and Computing...
  26. T

    UK Foundation Programme 2019 - PLABs and Visa Discussion

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen who completed medical school in EU (not UK). I graduated from medical school this summer and have not started my internship yet. I am applying for the UK Foundation Programme this year (starting July/August 2019). So far, my application has been going smoothly...
  27. R

    Cheapest Optometry schools for Canadians and Scholarship

    Hi I'm a 4th year Canadian student and I've applied to NECO, ICO, Indiana, and Salus. I've gotten interviews from all schools, and have already attended Salus' interview. I want to know which schools are cheapest for Canadians, and if there is cheaper schools not on my list please list them as...
  28. M

    Atlantic Bridge or nursing school??

    Hello! I am a graduate from Queen's University in Biology. I finished with a low GPA (~3.5 on a 4.3 scale) and little volunteer experience. I've always thought about medicine but was never committed to it. After taking a year off, I've concluded that I would indeed like to pursue a career in...
  29. Bubuddy

    Canadian Seeking Advice

    Hey guys! I am a Canadian going into my 3rd year this fall and have just recently discovered podiatry from a close friend of mine and love all the aspects of podiatric medicine! Since I was kinda late to the party, I did not do any DPM shadowing as of yet, and after researching Ontario practice...
  30. nobeldds

    Very Interested in Getting into Endo, don't know where to start

    I have realized that I truly want to become an Endodontist. I want to do whatever I can to develop a solid application. I graduated from a US dental school in 2016 and have been working as an associate dentist ever since. My GPA was 3.1 and ranked 47/95. I have not written the ADAT. What do you...
  31. SquirrelSam

    Transcript Evaluation (Non-US applicants)

    I can’t seem to find any threads about evaluating transcripts if you live in Canada. Some schools require non-US applicants to submit evaluated transcripts directly to the school. Does anyone have any experience with World Education Services? I know they’re supposed to give credit equivalencies...
  32. A

    USA or Australia for dental school

    Hi everyone. I am from Canada and I completed my undergrad last fall. I did fairly well but my GPA was not high enough to get me admitted into Dental schools in Canada, although it is competitive for US and Australian schools. I have also written the DAT and have hundreds of hours of volunteer...
  33. pikaboo

    Canadian Dental Board Exam Study Materials

    Hey, anyone knows what are the study materials we should use for the NDEB exam part 1 and part 2? I know it can't be the same studying materials for the NBDE (First aid, Decks, and Mosbys) because the exams are different. Any suggestions ?! Thanks.
  34. C

    Third Cycle, Canadian, 514/3.96

    Hello everyone, Here I am applying for the third cycle! What I learned from the first cycle: I made a poor list (MSAR showed internationals mostly got accepted to top 20 schools, so I mostly applied there instead of schools more in line with my stats that take less internationals) What I...
  35. C

    Your thoughts? Third Cycle - Canadian Applicant, 3.96/514

    Hello everyone, Here I am applying for the third cycle! Purpose of post: I really want this to be my last cycle. Not sure of any specific questions, but please inform me of your impressions/concerns. What I learned from the first cycle: I made a poor list (MSAR showed internationals mostly got...
  36. V

    Canadian Applicant for Aus Medschools - Whats wrong with rural ?

    Hello everybody. I'm a canadian ( 26M) who is looking to apply to an australian medical school. I have near 0 chance at Canadian or US schools due to terrible GPA, around ~3.4-3.5ish, my MCAT score on the other hand is at 517. my pharm degree GPA really dragged me down (grades are curved and I...
  37. A

    LORs with AAMC/AMCAS IDs being sent to AACOMAS

    So, I already applied to MD schools and am in the process of applying to DO schools. I had 9 LOR's submitted to Interfolio and it turns out that 7/9 of them have my AAMC and AMCAS ID numbers in the actual letter. Considering that the AACOMAS application cycle is well on its way and that it took...
  38. keepontruckin04

    MD Any Canadian U.S. M.D. Graduates Match Ophthalmology?

    Would love to hear from any Canadians who graduated from a U.S. M.D. program and matched ophthalmology in the U.S.
  39. S

    Grade Conversion for Canadian Transcript

    Hi! First time posting here! I attended University of Toronto in Canada and am applying to MD/DO schools. Is there a grade conversion scale for DO schools? I know for AAMC says there is an grade conversion (I can't include links since I'm new) lol The one similar to my school is #85. I was...
  40. Z

    Australian Dental Grad trying to work in the US

    Hi I am a Canadian citizen who is finishing my last year of a 5 year dental program at Griffith University in Australia. My plans are to go back to Canada and work there for a few years. The average income is slightly higher then some parts of Canada and Australia and that is what got me to...