1. K

    Grades in Optometry School- please give honest feedback

    I’m a second year opto student and was wondering how relevant my grades and GPA are if I want a job after scho ( not considering residency) I started off decent with a 3.5 GPA but as time went on, I currently have a 2.9 GPA. I feel pretty inadequate in school, and have even gone as far as...
  2. Clippersfaneyecare

    Help! Starting to Reconsider Optometry...Dont know what to do

    Sup guys, so I have been accepted into SUNY Optometry Class of 2024 but have been reading about all the negatives about the optometry profession for months even though I like the profession but now am not completely sure if I should go through with it. I was pre-dental and actually turned down a...
  3. A

    Dental to Optometry

    Hello everyone Im writing to get everyones input on my situation. I recently took the DAT and scored a 111 on it (adding all the sections together). I know some schools require at least a 105 on the DAT to be considered competitive. Im currently in the dental hygiene program and was applying...
  4. O

    Optometry tech position available in BOSTON! Part-time or full-time, 1-2 year minimum.

    Hi everyone, I recently started optometry school in Boston. My previous employer has a part-time or full-time position open at her private optometry practice. The practice is in Boston, and the position is perfect for a pre-optometry student looking to gain experience and exposure in the...
  5. Tiff-of-knee

    experience contact info on OptomCAS

    What happens if I don't provide the contact info of my supervisors when filling in my "experiences" page? What happens if I don't hit "Yes" for the "Release Authorization (May we contact this organization?)" question? Is it favorable to provide contact info and Release Authorization? Thank you...
  6. L

    Taking OAT in August for 2020 cycle?

    Hello! I was curious about whether this is feasible to still be "early" for applications. My grades are around the low 3s, so they're not completely amazing. However, I do have many years of experience in eye clinics alongside a good recommendation letter from an optometrist. I was thinking...
  7. C

    Can you get accepted without letters of rec?

    Hi, So I interviewed at Salus over a week ago (11/8). I got an email from them on Friday asking if I can get my letter of recommendation from my TA cosigned by the professor. This professor is super busy and is very particular about who he gives letters to so I was unable to get a signature...
  8. K

    Chances of getting into opto school?

    Hi my name is Karen, and I just joined this forum since it has been helpful for me to see my future options. I have recently hit a low point and am not sure if I should still try to make it into optometry school. I currently have a 3.4ish cumulative GPA and a 3.1ish science GPA. I'm currently...
  9. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or Chicago (ICO)??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  10. O

    My Interview Experience-ICO

    Hi everyone, I was searching for interview threads and I was thinking that threads like "Class of 2024" are really helpful. You just can go there and find much information from different students, and also share your information with others, therefore enriching the body of the thread more and...
  11. H

    ICO Supplementary Essay

    Hi guys! It's my first time posting here and I just have a question about the supplementary essay for ICO. Is there a maximum word count and if not, how long was yours? I would also appreciate any tips! Thank you! :)
  12. O

    Is my OAT/GPA Competitive/ What are my chances??

    Hi All: My Cumulative GPA is a 3.3, Science GPA is a 3.0. My OAT is a 300TS/310AA. RC: 330 GC: 300 OC: 290 Physics: 260 QR: 280 Bio: 400!!! I have 160+ hours of shadowing an optometrist, shadowed an ophthalmologist in the OR, Thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT, and 120+ Hours...
  13. H

    Do I retake my OAT? Should I talk to the school?

    Hello, I just graduated from a school and am taking a gap year then going for optometry school. I always knew I wanted to do a gap year, but the last day of the deadline for SUNY and Salus I applied. I got an interview for both just a couple of days after submission. SUNY was my first interview...
  14. fitdoc123


    I got 262F as my score, and I dont know what that means. I want to know how far I was from passing. Optics i scored in the 63 percentile, so that was my weak point. I want to retake it in August 2019. I am planning on taking the KMK signature summer course. if anyone has taking this course...
  15. RaHorakthy

    Should I take it again? OAT 310

    Well, I didn’t review anything since I just want to get a feeling of the test, go through the procedure and see how the test works. I was planning to take it again anyway. But, I got an average score, much higher than I expected. Should I spend a month or so reviewing it? Or focus on my other...
  16. A

    Looking to buy Volk Digital Wide Field or Volk Superfield lenses

    Looking to buy Volk Digital Wide Field or Volk Superfield lenses for ophthalmology/optometry. Thanks.
  17. C

    Selling a bunch of Optometry equipment!

    These are all brand new and barely used. PM for more details and pictures. Random Dot 3s - Stereo Acuity Test with glasses - $190 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.25 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 0.50 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 1.00 - $15 Accommodative Flipper +/- 2.00 - $15 Pinhole...
  18. K

    Midwestern Illinois

    Hey guys, I will be starting my first year at CCO in Downers Grove, was wondering if anybody can give me feedback on housing and what I'm going to need. If most of you guys are living off-campus or on? Just looking for basic information and advice because I am from NJ, gonna be long away from home.
  19. B

    Optometry School Decision

    Hey all, So I'm having a hard time deciding between schools at the moment. Thankfully I have been accepted to Midwestern (Chicago), Western, NECO, NOVA and I have my last interview tomorrow at PCO. Right now I'm keeping my options open hoping PCO will really wow me, but I'm between 2 schools...
  20. SleepyGene

    Does Optometry school require the extra 'fluff' for applications like med school?

    Currently I am pre-med finishing up my 2nd year of uni and after doing a lot of research into the application process it seems i'm going to have to dedicate quite a bit of time just to fluff my application. From what im reading pre-meds are completing hundreds of volunteer hours, months of...
  21. There's No Eye In Team

    UIWRSO Class of 2023

    Any other new RSO students-to-be..?
  22. R

    IAUPR School of Optometrist closing for Good

    Heard this from a school employee that accreditation committee to shut down school might just be a temporary shut down until things improve. Has anyone else heard the same?
  23. I

    Interested in Optometry - Few Questions

    Hey everybody! This is my first post on this awesome forum! I've heard so many good things about it! I'm interested in going into optometry, but I have a few questions. This is kind of my record in the run-down: The Good: -2000+ experience in an eye clinic, though its mostly with...
  24. EyeSeeWhatYouDidThere

    UIWRSO Class of 2023

  25. O


    Hi everyone! I am going to apply this upcoming cycle for fall 2020 and I was just wondering what schools would accept a 2.7 GPA. I'm hoping to bring it up to 3.0 by next fall and get a 330+ on my OAT. If anyone that was or is on the same boat as me could reply back with your stats I would...
  26. A

    Low OAT/High GPA. What are my chances?

    Hi guys! I was wondering what are my chances of getting into a program if I have a 3.8 GPA overall/3.7 total science and OAT scores of 290 AA/ 280 TS. NSUCO is my top choice and once I sent my unofficial scores to them in August, they called me and said to retake my OAT and that they might...
  27. EyeSeeWhatYouDidThere

    Disclosing Depression/Anxiety Issues In Optometry School Application

    On OptomCAS, some optometry programs include the following question: "Provide any additional information that may assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application." I feel that disclosing my previous issues with depression is essential to understanding me as an applicant due to...
  28. H

    Dismissed from optometry school...going to appeal. UPDATE: REINSTATED

    Hello, I hope you can take the time out to read about my situation and offer some advice (particularly if you have been in a similar situation and what you did to move forward). I recently graduated in May 2018 with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in psychology. I then started optometry...
  29. M

    ICO or CCO Midwestern?

    Hi all, I'm having a really tough time choosing between ICO and Midwestern IL's CCO. What draws me to ICO is that it has been around for a long time and receiving a degree from there is reputable. I also loved Midwestern's school and faculty, but the drawback is that it is not fully accredited...
  30. B

    Academic Update: Is it necessary?

    Are all applicants required to submit an updated transcript on OptomCAS? I know that some schools require official transcripts once you have chosen to attend anyway. If someone already has been accepted to schools, is it necessary to resubmit to OptomCAS, or can they just send in the official...
  31. T

    IAUPR Boards preparedness

    How much responsibility does an optometry school or any professional school bare in preparing their students to pass national boards??? Why am I asking. Few weeks ago there was a debate online from IAUPR about who bares the blame for low board pass rates and when I saw low I mean 40% for NBEO...
  32. B

    What are my chances? (low GPA)

    Hi there, Currently applying to optometry school and curious about my chances. Overall GPA: 2.9 Science GPA: 2.61 OAT: 340 AA/ 340 TS I have about 300 hours of optometric work/shadowing experience and 400 hours of volunteer experience. Anyone know if there's even a chance for me to get an...
  33. WhyNeedAName

    Credits Short for Graduation

    So, I love my school's undergraduate academic advising.... I had my Senior audit last summer and was told I was on track to graduate. 2 weeks ago, I found out I'm missing 4 credits to graduate. I am now having 16 credits next semester (6 classes) with another 3 credits missing to take to get...
  34. 2ndchanceopto

    MCPHS? Pros vs Cons?

    I just wanted to hear everyones opinions about MCPHS optometry. (especially current students!)
  35. optomize

    Ohio State University (OSU Optometry)- PROS/CONS

    I dont see much about OSU on SDN....Does anyone have any info about OSU? What are the pros/cons? Any major negatives?
  36. 6

    Is Math part of the science GPA for optometry?

    Hello I'm a college student that wants to go into the optometry field but I had a question about the science gpa. Is the science gpa just the BCP gpa or does it include math also? I know in many optometry schools they show the average science gpa but I wasn't sure if that included math as well...
  37. R

    Dropping classes this semester and next

    So I've been accepted to ICO, NECO, and PCO. I'm kind of worried because I dropped 3 classes, I was originally in 5 classes and so I'm only going to get a grade in two classes this semester and end up with 3 W's this semester since I screwed around a lot (Ik im an idiot) and missed classes...
  38. R

    PCO vs ICO vs NECO

    Hi recently got accepted to PCO, ICO, and NECO. I'm having trouble deciding between which school to attend. If any first years or beyond or other people who recently got accepted could provide input that'd be great. Here's my reasoning for each school. 1. ICO Pros: - Offered a 40k...
  39. J

    Graduate in August, plan to immediately return as non-degree seeking

    So I'm currently an undergraduate senior graduating in summer with two dual degrees in Health Sciences and Economics. I came into college wanting to pursue healthcare, but having incredibly poor confidence when it came to science. Thus, used business as a cushion and pursued an economics degree...
  40. D

    Advice needed

    So i took my oats and got average score of 290, and science score was 300. I already have my BA in biology graduated with a 3.0(2018 grad). I have shadowed an optometrist for a full summer and have been working as a optometry technician for the past 2 years. i am really considering doing the...