1. J

    Applying Optometry School with these stats?

    I had made a previous post about an upcoming OAT and here's how I did: QR 390 RC 350 Bio 340 GenChem 340 OChem 340 Physics 350 TS 350 AA 350 I'm pretty happy with the scores - i've never had more anxiety from an exam and i'm relieved it's over. I'm applying this upcoming cycle and would...
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  3. J

    OAT in 1 week, Advice?

    My OAT is in 1 week. I’ve spent probably 4 months studying on top of working full time. Ive taken several practice exams and took the ADA practice exam today. I was hoping to score a LOT better and I’m very discouraged especially with my physics score. Bio/GenChem/Ochem/Physics/RC/QR KAPLAN 1...
  4. L

    Got into UHCO - looking to work in CA in the future (CA native)

    Hello! To start, I recently got off the waiting list at UHCO and was sent an offer of acceptance from the institution. While I haven't formally accepted yet (the deadline hasn't expired), I am just elated at the opportunity the school has given me with this acceptance. That being said, I have...
  5. T

    Optometry Practice for Sale - California Central Coast - PRICED TO SELL

    This is a tremendous opportunity to purchase a turnkey practice at a price substantially below its market value. Located in one of the best coastal towns California. Annual revenue of $700,000+ with high owners net on 3 doctor days per week. 2,500 SF office space with 3 exam rooms, 2 pre-test...
  6. E

    Canadian 4th Year looking to apply to Optometry School in US

    Hi guys, kinda nervous to be positing on here but i really need some advice. I'm currently a 4th year Canadian student studying in a science background and I've only recently realized I wanted to pursue optometry so I'm a bit behind compared to most pre-opt people. I had a bit of a difficult...
  7. BillyBobHorton

    Applications for HPSP

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has applied for the HPSP with the Navy this spring and is waiting to hear back or has heard back. I thought the selection committee met on March 22 or so, but maybe that's not enough time to have made selections and told the applicants. I'm in my first...
  8. L

    UHCO Admittance Chances Around Now?

    Hello! I just recently finished my interview with UHCO. I quite like the school with its myriad of research opportunities and plethora of clinical chances. I was overall surprised that I got an interview for this school since my numbers are slightly below their expectations - my work experience...
  9. S

    Help with NBEO Part 1

    Hello! I need some advice.. so I finished KMK almost twice now, and i've been doing alot of optoprep. I finished all the practice questions, and now im on the timed exams. I've been doing half exams, but i keep getting 50-60% on them!! it's really frustrating. is this a cause for concern? i know...
  10. B

    State License Exam

    Can someone help me understand what the written & oral licensing state exams consists of? Is it the practicing laws within that state?
  11. lynn503

    Letter of Recommendation

    Hi everyone, I want to apply to upcoming cycle but I wasn't able to find an optometrist to shadow. I noticed that a lot of schools require an LORs from optometrist and I was wondering if LOR can be submitted later. So when should you submit LORs? Can you get interviews before you submit your LORs?
  12. L

    OD graduate in the PH, thinking of going into Opticianry or OD in Canada

    Hello, everyone! I have recently graduated from one of the Optometry schools in the Philippines, and am looking into working in Canada. I believe it is not possible/easy to work there without taking a bridging program so I'm thinking of studying again. However, I'm not that confident in my...
  13. L

    Berkeley Optometry Admissions Question

    Hello! I applied to UC Berkeley's Optometry Program and I have a few questions: -I completed my application prior to the November 30 deadline. Thus, my interview notification date is January 4. Does this mean that is when the committee will make a decision to give me an interview or will...
  14. L

    Going to interview with UIW soon. Any advice?

    Hello! I was given an opportunity to interview with UIW's Optometry program. I was curious if anybody has interviewed with them already. If so, what are some nuggets of advice and questions I should expect from the interviewers? Thank you very much!
  15. oceanviewer 80

    Help Choosing a School!

    I need help haha. I got into Salus, IU, UAB, Nova, and hopefully will be accepted to SCO as well! I am a resident of Florida so Nova is closest but I am not too interested aside from it potentially being the cheapest if I do receive a scholarship. I've narrowed it down to UAB, Nova, and SCO if I...
  16. L

    Very medicore OAT. Need advice (WAMC).

    Hello! I would like some advice from the good people of this forum concerning my OAT results, which I got back yesterday. My cGPA is 3.2 and my sGPA is a bit below that (ditto with my pre-reqs - my post-bacc years-long repair process mostly focused on upper divisions). My biggest strength is...
  17. V

    Western U

    Hi everyone! I have an interview with Western U coming up. I’ve been hearing a lot of things that lead me to believe attending this school would not be the safest option for. Has anyone attended or is currently attending Western U that can tell me about their experiences living in Pomona,CA?
  18. L

    Screwed up my primary application. How damaging would it be if I’m “completed” by December / January?

    Hello. I wanted to ask the folks here a question. This morning, I found out that one of my transcripts on OptomCAS wasn’t sent. I did it today, but I still have to get my transcripts verified...and then my application verified, which will push me into November. After that, I have an OAT for...
  19. K

    OAT Experience: August 2020

    Hi! I utilized SDN / Reddit A LOT when studying for my OAT and locating potential resources, so I thought I would do the same! Plus, I kinda want to get out of Biochem studying for now. Alright, so I took the OAT back in August. A little bit about me: 3.86 GPA / 3.75 Science Optometric...
  20. L

    Under 3.0 sGPA. Still viable for a good optometry school?

    Hello! From calculating my GPA, I ran into a problem - my sGPA is right under 3.0...like a really high 2.9. To explain this number, the sGPA was raised from a lower level by a massive post-bacc effort, which spanned for years, that consisted of many upper-division science courses with hundreds...
  21. K

    Question about retaking classes and post-bacc (low gpa)?

    Hey! I'm currently a senior and was planning on applying to optometry school next summer. However, I have realized that my science gpa is too low and retaking some bio/chem classes is probably what I should do. I also will not graduate Spring 2020 because of some personal issues I had before and...
  22. FutureOptometrist01


    Hey, everybody! Currently a pre-optometry student with two virtual interviews coming up. One is open and the other is closed file. Would love any tips/advice for how to best prepare! Thank you!
  23. j-s

    July 2020 OAT experience - it went well! (detailed post)

    Hello everyone! I took my OAT yesterday and it went well. This community (as well as Reddit) has been tremendously helpful so I wanted to share my experience in case anyone needs it. I, like many people who are applying right now, had my test canceled/pushed back many times. My test was...
  24. preoptbear98

    Letters of Rec

  25. P

    Question about Eyeglass Prescription

    I had an eye exam appointment this past Tuesday. The OD said that my prescription would be emailed to me. A few days went by and I did not receive it. I called multiple times asking for the prescription, and they kept saying that it would be sent to me soon. They finally sent it to me only after...
  26. K

    Grades in Optometry School- please give honest feedback

    I’m a second year opto student and was wondering how relevant my grades and GPA are if I want a job after scho ( not considering residency) I started off decent with a 3.5 GPA but as time went on, I currently have a 2.9 GPA. I feel pretty inadequate in school, and have even gone as far as...
  27. Clippersfaneyecare

    Help! Starting to Reconsider Optometry...Dont know what to do

    Sup guys, so I have been accepted into SUNY Optometry Class of 2024 but have been reading about all the negatives about the optometry profession for months even though I like the profession but now am not completely sure if I should go through with it. I was pre-dental and actually turned down a...
  28. A

    Dental to Optometry

    Hello everyone Im writing to get everyones input on my situation. I recently took the DAT and scored a 111 on it (adding all the sections together). I know some schools require at least a 105 on the DAT to be considered competitive. Im currently in the dental hygiene program and was applying...
  29. O

    Optometry tech position available in BOSTON! Part-time or full-time, 1-2 year minimum.

    Hi everyone, I recently started optometry school in Boston. My previous employer has a part-time or full-time position open at her private optometry practice. The practice is in Boston, and the position is perfect for a pre-optometry student looking to gain experience and exposure in the...
  30. Tiff-of-knee

    experience contact info on OptomCAS

    What happens if I don't provide the contact info of my supervisors when filling in my "experiences" page? What happens if I don't hit "Yes" for the "Release Authorization (May we contact this organization?)" question? Is it favorable to provide contact info and Release Authorization? Thank you...
  31. L

    Taking OAT in August for 2020 cycle?

    Hello! I was curious about whether this is feasible to still be "early" for applications. My grades are around the low 3s, so they're not completely amazing. However, I do have many years of experience in eye clinics alongside a good recommendation letter from an optometrist. I was thinking...
  32. C

    Can you get accepted without letters of rec?

    Hi, So I interviewed at Salus over a week ago (11/8). I got an email from them on Friday asking if I can get my letter of recommendation from my TA cosigned by the professor. This professor is super busy and is very particular about who he gives letters to so I was unable to get a signature...
  33. K

    Chances of getting into opto school?

    Hi my name is Karen, and I just joined this forum since it has been helpful for me to see my future options. I have recently hit a low point and am not sure if I should still try to make it into optometry school. I currently have a 3.4ish cumulative GPA and a 3.1ish science GPA. I'm currently...
  34. H

    Midwestern (AZCOPT) or Chicago (ICO)??

    Hi! I'm applying to both schools and I'm having trouble picking which school would be better for me. I thought I would go to ICO because a lot of the people I know went to or are going to ICO but when I visited Midwestern, I really liked their facility and the atmosphere there. ICO Adv: great...
  35. O

    My Interview Experience-ICO

    Hi everyone, I was searching for interview threads and I was thinking that threads like "Class of 2024" are really helpful. You just can go there and find much information from different students, and also share your information with others, therefore enriching the body of the thread more and...
  36. H

    ICO Supplementary Essay

    Hi guys! It's my first time posting here and I just have a question about the supplementary essay for ICO. Is there a maximum word count and if not, how long was yours? I would also appreciate any tips! Thank you! :)
  37. O

    Is my OAT/GPA Competitive/ What are my chances??

    Hi All: My Cumulative GPA is a 3.3, Science GPA is a 3.0. My OAT is a 300TS/310AA. RC: 330 GC: 300 OC: 290 Physics: 260 QR: 280 Bio: 400!!! I have 160+ hours of shadowing an optometrist, shadowed an ophthalmologist in the OR, Thousands of hours of volunteer experience as an EMT, and 120+ Hours...
  38. H

    Do I retake my OAT? Should I talk to the school?

    Hello, I just graduated from a school and am taking a gap year then going for optometry school. I always knew I wanted to do a gap year, but the last day of the deadline for SUNY and Salus I applied. I got an interview for both just a couple of days after submission. SUNY was my first interview...
  39. fitdoc123


    I got 262F as my score, and I dont know what that means. I want to know how far I was from passing. Optics i scored in the 63 percentile, so that was my weak point. I want to retake it in August 2019. I am planning on taking the KMK signature summer course. if anyone has taking this course...
  40. RaHorakthy

    Should I take it again? OAT 310

    Well, I didn’t review anything since I just want to get a feeling of the test, go through the procedure and see how the test works. I was planning to take it again anyway. But, I got an average score, much higher than I expected. Should I spend a month or so reviewing it? Or focus on my other...
  41. A

    Looking to buy Volk Digital Wide Field or Volk Superfield lenses

    Looking to buy Volk Digital Wide Field or Volk Superfield lenses for ophthalmology/optometry. Thanks.