Jul 19, 2017
So I'm currently applying to pharmacy school for the following fall semester and I have taken all the required courses except for organic chemistry II. I have already taken the PCAT and scored in the 93rd percentile for chemistry and 95th overall. My GPA is also at a 4.0. Long story short I'm just wondering if it's necessary to have taken ALL classes before applying? I would imagine you don't because then all students would have a year of doing nothing. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Jul 9, 2015
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You're correct. All schools allow you to have prerequisites in progress when you are applying the fall before you matriculate. Most schools let you finish prerequisites in the spring of the year that you matriculate. Very few schools let you finish prerequisites the summer right before you matriculate. This information is on the admissions section of your pharmacy school website.

On the PharmCas there is a section where you list classes in progress and any classes you plan to take the next semester. Once those classes are finished you send PharmCas an updated transcript.
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