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Aug 4, 2009
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    I just applied to: BU MAMS, Cinncinati, Tufts, EVMS and Temple
    Iam applying to three more and just wanted to know which ones are better than others:

    im considering
    1) UMDNJ 2) Toledo 3) Drexel 4) USF 5) Rosalind Franklin.

    Help me :):confused::confused::confused:


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    Jan 27, 2010
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      Need to know your stats further before advising which programs to enter.

      UT and RFU MBS are both high linkage programs back into their own school.

      USF IMS has changed a bit but I think Guju can answer that far better than I can.

      UMDNJ Newark is a good program according to WUBear but it's intrinsic on your own performance and motivation to stand out amongst your may classmates.
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      Sep 15, 2008
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        my gpa is 3.1 (yeah, it is low)
        but my MCAT is a 33.
        how did USF change to? it is not that great anymore?

        your numbers are fine for USF IMS, provided your EC's and LOR's are essentially set now. numbers vary across the board so idk to what extent they factor into the IMS admissions but they will matter afterwards.

        USF is going away from the IMS program at some point in the future but will have a class next year. some want to speculate about what happened in the past or what's going to happen...whatever, it doesn't really matter. USF IMS program = a full year of the complete basic science sequence at an allopathic school w/ anatomy lab. get in, do well (or very well) and no one is going to downplay that huge bullet on your application.

        but for now it's no longer the 15 students or 20 (whatever the description said)'s actually 11 of us in with the MD and DPT students. it's also the cheapest of the SMP's (I could be wrong but $12,000ish is where it stands now for in-state). PM me if you have more questions.
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