Apr 19, 2011
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I decided over a year ago to switch from technology management to Dentistry and started taking my pre-reqs. I only have 4 more classes for my bachelors degree in Tech Management and am wondering if I should finish those now or spread them out over the next year and a half while taking pre reqs.
My sciences are average sGPA is 3.4 so far. Would it be wise to just finish the bachelors degree so I can claim Post Bac status?


Nights Watchmen
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Jun 25, 2009
Sterling Hts, Mi
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  1. Dentist
post-bacc classes are not better than your typical undergrad..... They are both looked at the same way.

The ONLY possible advantage post-bacc has to offer is upward trend (but then again, thats purely dependent on your work ethic). So if you have good grades throughout undergrad, post-bacc ain't gonna make a difference. Its just gonna allow you to take more classes.

On the other hand, the possible disadvantage of post-bacc is.... post-bacc credits (I believe) are more expensive than undergrad ~ because you are considered a super-senior.
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