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Sep 1, 2016
I know that in some medical schools, MD programs let you apply in your first year of medical school to try to get into the dual MD/PhD program. One of my friends told me her cousin was going into a biomedical science program that allowed her to apply for medical school in the second year to become a dual MD/PhD program.

I have a pretty good GRE score but have not been doing well on my MCAT scores; therefore, I was thinking that this would be a better way for me to go to medical school. I really want to become a doctor, and I also am passionate about getting a PhD in microbiology and immunology, so I think a program like this could benefit me.

I would ask my friend's cousin; however, I was never given a way to contact her.
May 11, 2016


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Jan 4, 2016
Tethys, Saturn
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Due to the nature of most biomedical PhD programs, I highly doubt any would allow you to take an extended leave of absence (usually 1 yr is granted). Unlike med school, there is no clear delineation of material (i.e. pre-clinical coursework vs clinical clerkships) so you can't just leave and come back later. Plus the whole getting paid to research thing is another factor. Most of the time you'd just have to finish up the PhD and apply for med school when you know you're about a yr away from defending.

...Or step back and examine why your mcat scores are not improving, study and address those weaknesses, take the MCAT, and apply to MD/PhD programs.


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May 13, 2011
Vanderbilt used to have a formal program, but I don't know if they still do or not.

However, applying as a "back door" way into the dual degree program due to having MCAT issues, is a "no go"IMHO.