1. S

    Early 30s Science PhD applying to medical school - do you think my application will get attention with 506 MCAT?

    Good afternoon, Happy to finally have joined this website - I've been reading its threads for probably a decade. I would like to apply to medical schools in the state of NJ this cycle, and I am wondering what I could do to maximize my chances of being considered for admission. Long story...
  2. YA1818

    Is it possible to combine specialty training with PhD in the UK?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm a medical doctor. Interested in pursing a PhD program. Meanwhile, I'm still very interested in continuing along my medical path. I'm yet to start a medical specialty training program and I wanted to know if its possible to combine this with a PhD program? Because I...
  3. B

    PhD Job outlook for epi Phd... help!

    Hi everyone :hello:, I hold a MD degree from another country. I'm considering pursuing PhD, yet the JOB OUTLOOK discussion (linked below) doesn't look as promising as on school websites. → Questioning career/education choices...Public Health is not a good degree Can't help but wonder if it...
  4. G

    DSW reputation over PhD

    Hello all, I am currently getting my MSW. I have an MS in criminal justice. Long story short, I was once in a PhD program for criminal justice. I left it due to it being an extremely toxic program (full of drama and lack of support), and a feeling that staring at stats programs all the time was...
  5. D

    Should I go to Med school? I am on the fence. details inside

    Hello! I really need some advice regarding whether I should go to Med school or not. It is going to be long so the Basic question is- should I go to Med school if I think about going to biomedical research? shouldn't a PhD be sufficient? The following details are important in order to...
  6. C

    How do I make an application worthy of MD or MD/PhD (Duke-NUS)

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through what I have written. I'll try to be as succinct as possible. I am entering my Masters of Science (By Research) in Bioinformatics (2 year program) starting January 2020. Following the completion of my masters, I want to enter...
  7. funky_buddha

    Suffolk University Clinical PhD

    I found a lab at Suffolk that seems pretty on target as far as research interests, and the post doc in my lab knows the PI and says he's an amazing human being. It's likely that I will apply, since it's the only lab I've found locally that really piqued my interest. Apparently Suffolk just...
  8. funky_buddha

    Who here had a positive PhD experience in Clinical? And where?

    I have been seeing and hearing a lot of upsetting things about clinical phd programs as I move closer to applications. Even my sister, who is just going on her clinical internship, has had a pretty miserable experience in her doctoral study. I was wondering if I could hear from some of you who...
  9. funky_buddha

    Clinical Psych PhD at the New School in NYC?

    Hi all, This is my first post here but also the reason I made an account (other than finding some helpful stuff when browsing). I am soon to be applying to clinical PhD programs and looking to find a lab that has an emphasis on psychophysiology and affect. I recently got connected to a PI at...
  10. M

    Research interest vs. clinical specialty

    Hello there, Kind of random topic, and I haven't posted much so forgive me if I had put this in the wrong location. I'm a veterinary / PhD student with a background in computer science, and bioinformatics. I'm considering applying to a residency program (after my internship of course), but I'm...
  11. M

    Is Public Health What I Am Looking For?

    Hello all, I am trying to get my life together and figure out what kind of program I want to apply to. Some background, I am currently in my junior year of college studying psychology and I plan on getting a PhD/ pursuing a research focused career. I originally planned on going to medical...
  12. H

    UCSF vs Gates Scholarship (plz help)

    Hi Everyone! I'm incredibly fortunate to have received acceptances from both UCSF and the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship for a PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University (waitlisted UCSF MSTP). If I went to UCSF I would send a strong LOI and likely convert to MSTP later if not accepted...
  13. R

    F-1 International Student in USA - Advice

    I have noticed few international (non-USA) members here and there posting individual threads asking other members to comment on their chances of getting accepted into a PhD program or an internship (I know it is harder to get an APA accredited internship as an international student) or a post...
  14. S

    Doctoral Program Interviews with Writing Component?

    I was recently invited to Pacific University's PsyD interviews and I've decided to go. I know that many people here have negative views of the school, but attending is convenient for me and I feel like it will give me good interview practice, if nothing else. However, I was surprised by the...
  15. 7

    Does a truly integrated (translational) career as an MD/PhD exist?

    As the title states: I am curious if a career exists that truly allows for the integration of bench research and patient care and if so, what field/specialty/PhD topics are most conducive? I know a majority of MD/PhDs end up doing about 80/20 lab/clinic time, which is fine, but I would prefer...
  16. neurodoe29

    APPIC Internship Match 2019-20-- Phase II

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread in advance for those of us who either know that they will be in Phase II since they received no interviews in Phase I (hello, me), or who end up in Phase II after not getting matched in Phase I. Hopefully this can be a great source of support and...
  17. S

    PsyD Program Interviews

    I recently got invited to my first PsyD interview (hopefully more to come) and I'd really love to hear about other peoples' interview experiences. I applied to some PhD programs last year and had a few interviews, but I was living abroad at the time doing a masters and had to do them over...
  18. Z

    Even After a PhD, Passion for Medicine Still Strong... at 32!

    Hello all, around 2013, at the age of 27 I was at a crossroads, by then, I had earned my masters in business to follow my undergraduate degree; do I continue on the PhD path or should I finally stop ignoring the beast within me and pursue what I always knew I needed to do: become a medical...
  19. T

    Should I quit research???

    So, I wanted to get some opinions on whether or not I should quit research. I've been working in a lab since my freshman year (now a junior). When I got to college, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to purse grad school or med school. After talking to advisors and professors, they all seemed to...
  20. Aquamarie

    Nontraditional: MD or Medical Research(PHD) Route?

    I switched from Nursing to Finance major and will graduate in May 2019 at 22yrs old. Recently Ive missed the challenge science brought me. I figured out recently I like researching things in-depth and I am always asking the why? question. So I've been drawn to wanting to conduct research at a...
  21. A

    International Student with Phd

    Hi, I am an International Student getting a Phd from the States. I just applied to med schools. Anyone else like me or similar?
  22. slowthai

    Paid Research Programs (open to Masters/PhD)

    I'm not sure if this is the best sub-forum to ask this, but I'm currently waiting to hear back from med schools. In the meantime, I would like to get involved in paid research. I have already graduated from university. Does anyone know of any programs that are open to people that want to do...
  23. M

    PhD/PsyD PhD in Psychology or Neuroscience

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice. To get straight to the point, if I want to research the neural basis of mental illness, would I be better off getting a PhD in psychology or neuroscience (or something else entirely, like epidemiology)? I have thought about going into clinical psych, but...
  24. Y

    MD/PhD Programs

    Hi, I have a few questions regarding MD/PhD programs. Let’s say you apply to MD/PhD programs. In a case you do not get in, can your application automatically be considered for MD or PhD? Do you have to provide additional materials for the MD or PhD programs, such as GRE?
  25. M

    What Field am I Looking For?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a college junior studying biopsychology and I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Up until recently I have been planning on going to medical school but decided that I actually want to go into research instead. I have done really well in my research...
  26. F4rbod

    Phd vs Masters in health economics after MD/MPH

    Hello dear friends, I'm a 5th year MD/MPH student in Iran (MD is a 7-year undergrad degree here so I will finish after 2 years). also FYI we do MPH while doing MD and this doesn't extend the duration of the MD. I have a strong interest in the topics of health economics and health-care management...
  27. K

    Best route to becoming a physician scientist?

    Greetings, I’m a medicine ungrad in Jordan. Still at my first year. Since i was a high school senior i came across a video of a physician scientist on YouTube explaining what he does and the massive variety of the things he does on a daily basis and ever since I knew right away that this is my...
  28. H

    Applying to PhD in pharmacy

    Hello! I am a recent graduate with a BSc in pharmacy from a foreign university. My goal is to apply directly to PhD programs in the US and pursue a career in academia. However, I've been accepted to a (one year) PharmD program at my alma mater and I have the opportunity to work at a hospital...
  29. PreDrANB

    Cross-Country Move/Moving to the South Advice

    I recently read a nice thread in the pre-med forum in which people were offering some really great advice to a student who will be moving from California to the Midwest. As an incoming first-year (PhD) who is moving from Southern California to the South I, too, am a little nervous about moving...
  30. P

    Low step 1 score, should I give up?

    I received my step 1 score today, 199!! I am devastated! Not sure what to do! I'm an IMG (older) with a PhD from US and strong research background (15 publications, poster, abstract, etc). Not sure if these are important or not at this point! I hopefully will have my green card by the time that...
  31. P

    Trying to figure out the best route to go, Masters or PhD/Psy.D, as well as career options

    I'm currently looking into the best route to go for becoming a practicing psychologist. I have a bachelors from UC Davis in psychology with a 3.3 GPA, one year working as a behavioral therapist, and a few internships/volunteer positions. I wasn't sure if this was my route when in college so I...
  32. PreDrANB

    Training opportunities in grad school to prepare for internship?

    I am about to enter my first year of my Clinical Psych PhD program and I am wondering if anyone has any resources or advice on what kinds of graduate school training experiences internship sites are going to be looking for so that I can be sure to take advantage of/seek out those kinds of...
  33. P

    DrPH Columbia DrPH SMS Program

    Can anyone that was admitted to this program provide me some more info the types of applicants they look for? What made you stand out? Years of work experience? GPA? GRE?
  34. GoKnights96

    Please chance me

    Hey, guys! I was looking around online for some resources that could help me out, and I came across this cool site! (I seriously can't believe I am just now hearing of this.) I am new to this, so if this post doesn't belong here, please let me know. I was wondering if you all could chance me on...
  35. 8

    MD/PhD - what are my chances? 518 MCAT, 4.0 GPA

  36. O

    Should I go into forensic psychology? Is it worth it?

    Hi, I just found this website and I thought this might be the perfect place to ask some questions. I'm going into college soon and I was thinking about majoring in psychology. I was reading about all of the different psychology career paths and forensic psychology caught my interest. Correct me...
  37. C

    Applied Epidemiologist...Questions About The Paths of Becoming One.

    Greetings Friends, I would like to ask for some insight regarding some questions I have about being an applied epidemiologist and the various educational routes that lead to this kind of position. Working at the CDC EIS seems to be the dream for this line of work. (See CDC's side about epi...
  38. G

    Is getting a masters a mistake?

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking some advice on whether you think getting a masters might be right for me. Some quick background info: Completed this past cycle without success. Great GPA (3.8) with lots of clinical experience and average research experience, but a quant GRE score in 28th percentile...
  39. M

    PhD PhD opening in truma epidemiology (Finland)

    Might be of interest for those with an interest in trauma. https://
  40. L

    Currently Ph.D. Student Applying for M.D. / M.D.-Ph.D.

    Hi everyone, I know this is a reallllllly long post and I may ask a lot. But I really appreciate if you can at least give me some ideas and help me out a little bit.... I am currently a second year engineering Ph.D. student from one of the top 10 universities. My current research direction is...