1. D

    Clinical PhD Program - ethicality of clients

    I've changed the original message on this post because I was uncomfortable with how many people had viewed the post. Here's part of what I had posted: The type of clients first year students work with in my program's in house training clinic (it is community mental health, not just students)...
  2. dennis-brodmann

    Prior and current chief residents, got any tips on bettering a residency program?

    Prior and current chief residents, I wanted to pick your brains about bettering a residency program from a logistic and educational perspective. My questions are based on my PGY-2 experiences at an academic medical center. Open-ICU Have any of you experienced an open-ICU relationship with the...
  3. funky_buddha

    Who here had a positive PhD experience in Clinical? And where?

    I have been seeing and hearing a lot of upsetting things about clinical phd programs as I move closer to applications. Even my sister, who is just going on her clinical internship, has had a pretty miserable experience in her doctoral study. I was wondering if I could hear from some of you who...
  4. D

    4 vs 6 year Resume Differences?

    Hey everyone! Quick question. So I met up today with the faculty in our oral surgery department, and they informed me that: 6-Year programs: CBSE and grades and externships are all that really matter -Research and volunteering is basically irrelevant. It is better to do well on the CBSE and...
  5. TheSweetTooth

    VCU SAEP 2019

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a thread on the current VCU SAEP program cycle since the deadline for early decision just passed. Also, if anyone has already been through this program, would you recommend it? There isn't that much information on it online so I just want to make sure that I...
  6. toastytoes

    What now? After interviews, before ranks

    Hey, So mostly done with interviews, thank you cards sent, and getting ready to submit this rank list and find out already. What have people heard about communicating with your top choices prior to ranking? Is it standard to email your top choice and tell them they’re your number one? Top three...
  7. I

    Governor State

    Is there anything unique about Governor State's DPT program? Anything that you guys like about the program?
  8. B

    Beaumont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Taylor Program (Michigan)

    Hi! I am one of the PM&R residents at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, Michigan and I am writing this on behalf of my program. I want to let those interested in PM&R know that our program is "new" as it recently transitioned from Wayne State University to Beaumont Health. The program originally...
  9. D


  10. J

    Accelerated BSN Program Question?

    Hi, so I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student on my way to getting my BA in Psychology. I was planning on going into a second degree program in nursing once I graduate. I have intentionally signed up for the following courses: 1.Statistics 2. General Chemistry I and II 3...
  11. T

    Dual Admissions Program

    I am currently in a 7 year accelerated dual admissions dental program but have the ability to apply out to other dental schools without losing my spot at my home institution. Would it be beneficial to include my dual admissions program on my AADSAS application or would it look better to leave it...
  12. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  13. wolfnscale

    NUI Galway Medicine - Sept 2018

    Hi everyone, CONGRATS to those who were accepted to NUIG Medicine for all year length programs. I thought we might use this thread to keep in contact, talk about decisions, blah blah, blah, in addition to whatever Facebook group goes up. Has anyone accepted their NUIG offer? Anyone still...
  14. D

    Vacant spot beginning June 2018 2 yr residency program CODA approved

    Boards are not mandatory, please contact me if interested for more information. Internationals are welcome as long as they have green card or H4 Visa.
  15. Leenjerjos

    TCMC MBS 2018-2019

    Hi all, I got accepted into the Scranton program a few weeks ago and wanted to start a thread for everyone else that got accepted or is waiting to hear back still. If alums or current students have any advice for the incoming class, please share!
  16. D

    Tulane ACLP 2018-2019

    I decided to make a thread ahead of the application period opening up. I spoke with Tulane a few days ago and they said they would be updating their website soon to reflect the new cycle. And for those new to this thread, the Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program (Previously Anatomy...
  17. pikaboo

    What is the best advanced standing program? .. also do I have to do the TOFEL if I am Canadian?

    So I am about to finish my dental education (outside of North America, all in English) and about to go through choosing what to apply for and what would be the best strategy to do so. I was wondering what is the best Advanced Standing program to choose and whether or not I have to do the TOFEL...
  18. J


    Hello! im a predental student graduated just this past semester of Fall 2017. DAT score: Bio 14/18 Orgo 20/19 Chem 22/20 PAT 15/17 MATH 18/17 Reading 18/16 aa: 18/18 science average: 18/19 overall avergage 3.4 science average: roughly 2.7/2.8 i know my DAT isnt amazing. i know my sciecnce...
  19. A

    MCAT score increases after prep-programs

    Hi guys, How much did yalls score increase after taking a prep program such as princeton review or kaplan? Did you find the prep-program to be helpful or not really?
  20. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Pros and Cons. Should I look at more than the price?

    I was accepted at my top choice school for the OTD program. However, it comes with a pretty price tag of $110,000 (out-of-state). I am trying to think logically about this and get into an in-state school... But I haven't toured anything like my top choice school. They had incredible facilities...
  21. O

    Post Bacc

    I am currently applying to medical school. Still waiting to hear back if I have any interviews. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for post bacc programs? I'm planning on doing one next year if I don't get in. I've been looking at the program at Mississippi College. I've also...
  22. D

    Chances for UoP?

    I am currently a junior graduating a year early with a BA in Chemistry but not a CA resident I currently have a 3.64 cGPA and 3.58 sGPA and 3.53 BCP GPA First year GPA: 3.49 with 18 credit hours both semesters and 12 additional for the summer (48 hours) Second year GPA: 3.79 with 20 and 21...
  23. Voytkostudios

    MA/MS Touro University Worldwide

    Hello all, I've been looking for information on Touro University Worldwide and their program in Marriage and Family Therapy. I can't seem to find anything concrete about this program beyond the basics of Touro University being non-profit and accredited. The program seems really great - it meets...
  24. Attending_007

    Nephrology Fellowship - Questions Applicants Should Ask

    Dear Pre-Renal Medical (and Pediatric) Residents, I recently graduated from a West Coast Nephrology program at a prominent tertiary care facility. I am happy with the job I have now and was generally happy with the training I received. However, Nephrology fellowships are now a buyers'...
  25. germindian123

    Gap-year between dental school and residency?

    Hey guys. Just wondering if people do this often? Like a gap-year before applying to a residency program. Like a year of a lot of continuing ed in stuff you like, research, practicing GD, university position, dental service work, etc. Is this stuff discouraged or do they want applicants who...
  26. D

    A day in the live of a DVM student [Guelph University]

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the program is like. How many courses do you take per semester? What are they like? Does school run during summer? How many hours/week are you in school? What is the workload outside of classes? I'm a graduate (research) student...
  27. pikaboo


    Hey guys I know there are Exams pre-programs such as CBSE before OMFS and GRE before Ortho, is there an exam to do for endodontics programs? what are their general requirements? Thanks.
  28. D

    California Northstate University Post-Baccalaureate Program 2017-2018 Cohort

    Hello! I recently got accepted to California Northstate University's Pre-Medical Post-Baccalaureate program as well as Meredith College's Pre-Health Post-Bac and would like to know everyone's opinion on these two programs in comparison to others. Although there are many positive comments about...
  29. C

    Letters of Rec from Residency after Fellowship?

    Hey there, was wondering, after you finish a 1-2 year fellowship and are applying for jobs, who does your letters of rec typically come from? Do most jobs require letters from specific people? Your fellowship PD? Your residency PD? Or just people who know your work best?
  30. C

    MPH MPH vs CPH for Medical School (MD)

    With rise of educational programs and certificates, I have noticed that there increase number of programs for Certificate in Public Health. I am looking to go to med school while concentrating in public health. I was wondering whats are thoughts on someone who is MD/CPH vs MD/MPH. I understand...
  31. M

    Will This be worth the time?

    This is my first thread and i need some serious advice before i fully commit to this program. I have layed down my plan below, if someone can spend the time to give me some advice that would be great! 1.) I am currently going to graduate in May 2017 as a Biology major, chemistry minor and...
  32. ThatGuy15

    Experimental Psychology at CUNY Brooklyn College

    Hello everyone. As I am preparing to graduate from New York University, I have decided to apply for a master’s degree before I fully commit to a Ph.D. I will only be applying to one program and that’s the experimental psychology program at CUNY Brooklyn College. I will be using the master’s...
  33. Adrenaline_Junkie

    Fee Assistance Program 2017 Qs

    Hello All, I entered all the info for my previous years tax returns/w2's (2015) since I didn't have access to the 2016 info, and now need to submit all the documentation to support my information. A few quick Q's: 1. The application for 2017 opened on Jan 4th, but obviously my mother and I...
  34. D

    Is this a good opportunity to take advantage of or not?

    I've always been really skeptical of programs by my schools (not this school in particular, just any school I am in, I distrust the programs irrationally) as a result, I've looked at this thing called the Pitt Summer Edge program and it seems like something that would really aid me in trying to...
  35. B

    Position Swap Anesthesiology Swap/Transfer

    I am currently a CA1 in an anesthesia program in the New York area and would like to swap for a program in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington or Boston. That said, I am open to pretty much any program under the right circumstances. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area...
  36. skaai

    Med School Application Database

    First, allow me to apologize if this topic has been covered, or worse, done to death. I did spend some time looking for this and failed to find it, thus my grudging desire to do it myself. But if you find someone has done it, or is doing it, please let me know by sending me a few links, (I'd...
  37. D


    Decided to make this thread since it hasn't been made yet, anyone thinking of attending KGI? Or has anyone already been accepted?
  38. A

    DPT Program Without Animal Dissections

    I'm a pre-PT student, a vegan and an animal activist. I have no problems with blood and guts, but I cannot cut into the body of an animal. As a PT I am going to be working on humans, not animals, and I cannot justify mutilating animals' bodies for my education. Are there any DPT programs that...
  39. C

    Are there any PhD programs that let you eventually apply to MD programs?

    I know that in some medical schools, MD programs let you apply in your first year of medical school to try to get into the dual MD/PhD program. One of my friends told me her cousin was going into a biomedical science program that allowed her to apply for medical school in the second year to...
  40. A

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Acceptance in BS/MS (5 Year Program)

    I'm a senior in high school and I'm thinking about applying to a BS/MS program (at Philadelphia University). I was wondering if BS/MS programs are easier to get into since they have less applicants (I'm assuming) or if they have the same competitiveness as graduate programs. Thanks