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Oct 4, 2011
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  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi, so I know this forum is not necessarily for this. I got called off of the alternate lists for both Auburn and KSU today....loved both schools and did not think I would ever have to choose!!!!! So if there are any tips and/or pointers out there I would really appreciate them. Both are cost-comparable, and the same distance from home. Getting ready to meet with my family later, just want as much information as I can!!!!


K-State CVM Class of 2015
Feb 7, 2011
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  1. Veterinary Student
Hey, Let me know if you have any questions. I'm the Class of 2015 here in Kansas, and I really like my class and professors a lot. You have probably made your decision already, but consider K-State. I'm not going to say it's fun, I'm studying for a Neuroanatomy final exam right now and I hate myself for choosing this elective, but we do have lots of choices--and the professors are great, especially first year. We have our own locker in the locker room, desk in the lab and we have a great buddy system. The second years (I could be yours, for example) hand off boxes full of old tests and quizzes to the incoming first years and are available to answer questions throughout the year. You are also matched up with a fourth year who will take you to the clinic to expose you to cases. We have AHAA rounds every monday so you can go through the clinic with clinicians and Equine rounds every Wednesday. There are many club meetings every week with free food (pizza, subs, chinese food, Kansas BBQ, etc), and you can bring your dog with you to study in the lab. I have some blankets under my desk for my dogs as do many other people. We even brought in our dogs for the Live dog anatomy quiz and physiology labs. Right now, I'm typing to you on the tablet computer (Fujitsu lifebook) that has a swivel screen and writing surface. The computer comes "free" with your semester technology fee so they take care of all software and virus protection while you're here. It also includes a crap ton of notes on OneNote from your professors, so many people get by without buying many books and just going to the library when they need to read a specific chapter. Your class is getting the latest version of the computer. I think the Lifebook 901. Like ours, it comes with a stylus so you can write directly onto the screen on your one note. You get the computers during orientation with other free stuff like backpacks and lunch bags from corporate sponsors. Our class is super friendly and not competitive (well, only in the good way). Your class has already started a facebook page and many people from my class are on there already giving advice to the incoming people. We have a very caring environment, and people look out for each other. People in the class are always sharing powerpoint quizzes they make for classes or posting funny stuff on FB to make us laugh. Our gross anatomy professor brings piles of cookies for our exams too.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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