Australian citizen IMG fresh grad+internship done overseas

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Mar 25, 2016
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Hi there
I was born in Australia ,left when i was child -family issues .i finished my MBBS overseas in 2015 then did my internship and finished in Dec 2015 then left my ENT residency in my original country(due to safety issues ) back to Aus to join my family just last month , start preparing for the AMC exams .
I've been distracted by imgs opinions regarding my situation and that really made me depressed and hopeless .
I have only limited cash for the next step and should be aware of not getting Gaps.
but the good thing im still 25-young- and not married so more flexible with making decisions .
I really need your advice guys its crucial to me .ive already started preparing for the AMC1-MCQ but im really frustrated from what i heard from many imgs forums regarding Oz. should i keep going and give it my best shot and see how things work or should i think about other place like UK(as experience not a must,more positions available ,gaps not a big deal as Oz....i mean you pass ,you get a job whatever,FY1 at worst ) ....i excluded US bc it needs long preparation time and needs to be fresh grad when matching..
Ps:i managed to secure an observership position in a big hospital
I really appreciate your help mates .

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