1. d-dimer

    Anesthesia groups in GA/SC/NC

    Looking into some groups in GA, SC, and NC. Does anyone have thoughts on the following groups or know groups hiring for generalists? Feel free to PM: GA -Georgia Anesthesiologists at WellStar Kennestone, Paulding and Douglas Hospitals -MAK Anesthesia/Strategic Health Partners at WellStar Cobb...
  2. D

    Where can I find some great local dental job postings?

    Will be graduating soon and am looking for the best dental opportunities in my area. Recommendations for where I can find great local opportunities? I am visiting the portals below but wondering if there are other methods. Indeed (https://www.indeed.com) Craigslist (craigslist.org) Beamsi...
  3. G

    Average Compensation For A Graduating Dentist

    Hey everyone, I am a D4 currently on the job hunt. I have received a couple offers but am not sure of the going rate for new grads. Offer #1 Office Type: Private Office Production: $2.5 mil/year Collection Rate: 97% Daily Guarantee: $625/four months Production: 30% adjusted Average Employee...
  4. BIGphysician

    Thread for scam jobs

    Wanted to start a thread to post about jobs that turned out to be essentially a scam. For example, I recently responded to a posting from gasworks. Group was "looking for 1 anesthesiologist" was advertising a competitive salary. I responded, touched base, and even did a site visit...
  5. A

    Locum position ASC Chevy chase MD

    We have an open locum position for Anesthesilogist in Chevy Chase -MD near DC, starting immediately.Doing own cases no supervision, Heavy in Othopedic, must be excellent in doing PNB . Monday to Friday 730-4 pm but most days you will be done early , great pay, malpractice.
  6. G

    Position Available Post-Residency Neurocritical Care Fellowship Position Open ASAP -- UCHICAGO

    Our United Council of Neurological Subspecialties (UCNS)-accredited program is offering a one- or two-year fellowship position beginning immediately. Our fellowship goal is to train exceptional and well-rounded neurointensivists who excel in patient care, research, and education. Fellows gain...
  7. ChelseaLene

    Changing Job after 6 months Pre-Med

    Hello! I have been working as a patient safety aide for a hospital for about 6 months now, however I am currently thinking about applying for a patient care technician job at the same hospital. I work with nurses and patient care techs all the time, and I currently work variable shifts and was...
  8. Asclepius293

    Job Ideas for a MD with a year off before residency?

    Hey all, Had to take some time off for a family health crisis and am now graduating on a weird timeline. I'll basically finish my requirements a few months after my classmates and will be left with almost a year off while I apply to residency next cycle. Anyone know of any jobs I could get...
  9. D

    Jobs outlook for cities over 100k?

    So I'm a 3rd year male osteopathic medical student and was considering pursuing OB/GYN but was wondering what the job market is looking like for cities of more than 100k. I know that there will always be a demand for doctors but I'm wondering what the market will look like. Will there be jobs...
  10. D

    Job during interviews?

    Hi Everyone! I was hoping to get some opinions on my job situation. I currently work as a research fellow, and this is a 12-month position that cannot be extended. My 12 months is ending the first week of September. It is unfortunate because I have gotten a few medical school interviews for...
  11. E

    Deciding on PCE jobs, need guidance!

    I just finished my undergraduate degree in plant sciences, but I want a career change. I’m afraid my field will be unfulfilling as I am largely a people person and fear that I’ll never really have an impact on others. I recently got out of a relationship with someone who was going to medical...
  12. Python Forever

    How are jobs/careers (or lack of) viewed?

    This may be a bit of a typical, overthought premed question, but I have a question about how adcoms view careers, or a lack thereof. I graduated with a CS degree about 2 months ago, and I haven't really been employed outside of some freelance work. I'm looking to start a career change DIY...
  13. R

    Best job opportunity for upcoming applicants?

    Hey all, hopefully someone out there has been in a similar situation and has some helpful suggestions. I've recently finished the DAT and scored pretty well, but with a subpar GPA, I still need more extracurriculars in order to become a more competitive applicant. I definitely plan on getting...
  14. Sortie

    What kind of jobs can you get with a DDS/DMD outside of practicing dentistry?

    For example, can you work in a corporation (Straumann, P&G, etc.), while still using some of your knowledge and experience in dentistry/medicine? I was just wanting to know some of the other possible options with a DDS/DMD outside of practicing dentistry and its specialties. The only equivalent...
  15. Dr. Anonymouss

    ER Tech or Patient Care Assistant Job???

    I was fortunate enough to receive job offers for both of these positions and I am not sure which to take. They are both very patient oriented, but I am not sure which may appeal more to admissions committees and/or have more job satisfaction. The pay ranges are very similar so I would assume the...
  16. Dr. Anonymouss

    Emergency Room Technician or Patient Care Assistant???

    I was fortunate enough to receive job offers for both of these positions and I am not sure which to take. They are both very patient oriented, but I am not sure which may appeal more to admissions committees and/or have more job satisfaction. The pay ranges are very similar so I would assume...
  17. C

    Partnership Position Available- Cape Cod MA

    Our private practice group is looking to hire physicians to join a group of great physicians and CRNAs in a wonderful setting. -Private Practice Community hospital -Partnership track 2 years -Great salary and benefits (401k, HSA, full health/dental) -Supervision of CRNAs and own cases -Great...
  18. B

    Semester Long Jobs

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for temporary/semester long jobs/internships for next semester? I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into medical school to start in 2019 but am graduating this December with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. So I don't necessarily...
  19. ayjaystudent

    AdComs, what jobs you found impressive that one of your applicants/interviewees had?

    AdComs, what jobs you found impressive that one of your applicants/interviewees had? Let's say you already held a scribing job.
  20. P

    California pay rates

    Hi all, What is the current typical hourly compensation for board certified EM docs (with experience) in the Inland Empire area, and in the greater LA area? Which area is the highest paying in California? Also, any concerns with some of the big groups/CMGs like EMA, Vituity, VEP, etc? Any...
  21. 3

    ScribeAmerica qualifications and concerns

    I had recently applied to become a medical scribe with Scribe America. Anyone else worked with them before or is currently employed with them? How was your experience working for this company as a medical scribe? Also, they require that the applicant take a on-spot typing test at the interview...
  22. Z

    Internships as Pre-Med

    I have been furiously searching for internships as I am reaching my junior year in my undergraduate. It's difficult, obviously, to try to find an internship as pre-med, but I am trying to as it diversifies the application and all. Does anyone know of places offering internship-like formats for...
  23. kernel

    Need advice, ideas, and suggested timeline for self pity. Or maybe you went thru the same?

    Hi all, Here's another chronicle about how the NAVLE can crush some peoples' souls. Here's mine, and I'm still feeling so empty/shocked/utterly pathetic that I could really use and would appreciate everyone's insight, personal stories, comfort, reminders to buck the f*ck up, ideas for the next...
  24. T

    Question Regarding Licensure

    I currently am applying to jobs, however I am applying in multiple states and am unsure as to where I will end up working initially. I want to get licensure in both states either way because I like to have the flexibility. I am curious if I can apply to two different states before I take my...
  25. P

    Waiter or CNA

    Hello to all. I am a first year pre-med student who will be at home for the summer in a few weeks. I have the opprotunity to take a waitering position that would be 5 days a week in the evenings. It pays very well with tips, and I could use to have a job that pays well as I live on my own and...
  26. R

    Jobs for pre-meds dealing with new borns or labor and delivery in general?

    Hello Everyone, I'm an undergraduate student interested in medicine. Recently, I've been very interested in the field of OBGYN. I LOVE being around mothers and babies in a clinical setting - so I was trying to find a job in a NICU or related area, but haven't had too much luck as they all seem...
  27. D

    Looking for Indian MDs who have moved to Australia to interview for website

    Gday! I write a blog called Doctors Down Under designed for med students, Drs in training, IMGS etc. from all around the world interested in moving to Australia. I also post accounts of IMGS who have already made the move. I am looking for other real life accounts to put on the website (anon)...
  28. C

    Need advice?

    I applied for residencies, but only got 1 interview (at one of my top choices). My former industry supervisor reached out about a position that would be a 2 year contract. I most likely would need to make a decision before match day. My goal all along was to do a residency, but I like industry...
  29. Standutd

    Amazon Pharmacy?

    Hey all, Had a discussion with some pharmacy friends and heard about Amazon making its way into the pharmacy space. Does anyone here have any info/experience related to this. I read that they started internally by establishing a PBM??? I don't know why, but I imagine working for Amazon being...
  30. JackM255

    What to do during a gap period

    Hey guys, So may be an odd question but I will be graduating here in the next week. I will have about a 6-7 month time gap period before dental school starts. Have any of you had this similar thing happen? I'm mainly curious about what you did during your gap time like regarding jobs. Does the...
  31. P

    having a LOW KEY gap year job

    hi everyone, suddenly i feel a lot of pressure to do something AMAZING during my gap year. but honestly my undergrad was v stressful and I would like to have some time off while i'm applying!! How will admissions committees view this? I honestly just want to find a job working at a bar...
  32. CLpsycho

    Feeling trapped by academia. How can I get out?

    What are some post-fellowship career options for psychiatrists who want to escape from academia and put together a work-life balance that allows one to focus on family? This question has been eating away at me for months now, and I hope someone can share a bit of wisdom with me. Apologies for...
  33. P

    How pharmacy works after graduation?

    Hello, I am entering pharmacy school in the fall of 2018 and am starting to get second thoughts about it. How does the pharmacy outlook look for graduates in 4 years? Also after graduation will getting hours be a problem even if you do get hired for a position in retail? Regarding hospital...
  34. thinking123

    Exploring Careers in Primary Care Webinar 10/11 5PM PT

  35. A

    Family Physician looking for Urgent Care / Fast Track / other work in the ER

    Hey folks I would like to work in the Fast Track in the ER, love working with other colleagues (one reason I want to work in the ER rather than urgent care on my own), also want to see higher acuity patients and have the ER Doc's in case I can want to consult them (level 3 patients like...
  36. R

    Freelance Clinical Jobs for Doctors

    Interested in part-time or freelance clinical jobs? Checkout Nomad Health at nomadhealth.com. Nomad is a new, completely free service for doctors to find freelance clinical jobs -- like temporary gigs, telehealth, locum tenens, shift work, etc. -- but without recruiters or paperwork. Doctors...
  37. S

    Will Biotech certificate help me get into med school?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if an additional biotechnology certification will help me get into medical school. I still plan on doing volunteer work, shadowing, researching, getting in the hospital, maintaining a high GPA, and a strong MCAT score. I just also have to work while I am...
  38. emkayveedee

    Experience - Jobs

    Would being an MCAT course instructor during undergrad be worth including in ERAS? I resigned prior to beginning medical school. Would a summer job that I kept from high school through the 1st year of medical school be worth including? It has no relation to medicine whatsoever. Thanks!
  39. U

    Is Hearing Screener considered a medical related job?

    Hi guys! I just graduated and will be applying to med schools next year. I got offered a hearing screener position for new borns in a pediatrics center. Is this job considered medically related? If not, can you please suggest a job that is medically related I can do with my B.S degree? I would...
  40. P

    Jobs with MSc Clin.Psych & Migration

    Hi fellow psychs!, I'm a new poster. I was searching for advice amongst my peers for the following situations/questions: 1. I'm a US resident and was planning on doing my MSC here however i decided to explore Canada as an option. I know degrees from different countries are regarded in...