Auto cancellation of USMLE Step1 Exams by Prometric

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Feb 23, 2022
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Hello, Has anyone experiencing auto cancellation and auto rescheduling of the USMLE step1 and step2 exams in the United States by Prometric? This has been a consistent trend for me for the last 3months and my step1 exams has been rescheduled/cancelled for almost 5 times till date. We raised a compliant with Prometric but there is no luck so far as they are saying the cancellation is happening from their website.

Let me know if anyone of you are experiencing a similar issue and/or know any solutions.


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I don’t know a solution but it happened to me as well. They automatically rescheduled me to a thankfully nearby site in the same town for the same date without even telling me. I just happened to check and my site wasnt even the site I signed up for. That was for comlex. Step was just flat out cancelled even though they were originally scheduled at the same site so idk.