1. S

    Auto cancellation of USMLE Step1 Exams by Prometric

    Hello, Has anyone experiencing auto cancellation and auto rescheduling of the USMLE step1 and step2 exams in the United States by Prometric? This has been a consistent trend for me for the last 3months and my step1 exams has been rescheduled/cancelled for almost 5 times till date. We raised a...
  2. FundamentalP

    Prometric’s Centers with Quiet separate accommodation rooms ?

    Can anyone recommend a U.S prometric center with quiet separate accommodation rooms? They are usually right where the check- ins happen and are louder than the main testing room. Appreciate your recs
  3. A

    Prometric testing rooms standardized?

    Do all prometric locations have the same monitor size, resolution, setup (chairs) etc?
  4. M

    When will Prometric release available dates for March and later for Step 2 CK?

    So I'm trying to schedule my step 2 CK date. I have a narrow window for when I can do it. But Prometric has no dates available after February. It's not that they're booked out. They aren't available yet. Anyone, from past experiences, knows when they will be released?
  5. sahell

    Can you change an answer choice after block time ends?

    I read somewhere that once the block time ends, you can change the answer choice of the question you're on and can't go back. This did not happen in the practise exam I just did at prometric. It just went to the break screen. Has anyone who has done STEP 1 confirm? I know it's a minor point...
  6. O

    When should I register for my exam?

    Hello friends, I am an IMG and I am thinking about taking the exam on January. As far as I know I can I can pick a period of of 3 months(probably January-February-March) and later I can pick a specific day. Should I do it this month? Or can I also register later? As far as I know prometric...
  7. F

    third party Step 2 CS schedulers

    Long story short, I registered for Step 2 CS months ago for a date in October that I cannot complete due to an away rotation, the details of which were just set a few days ago. Someone told me there exist third party services (e.g, not Prometric) which help you to reschedule your Step 2 CS date...
  8. C

    Need New DAT Eligibility period?

    Hi there, So I applied for a DENTPIN back in june of 2016 and unfortunately was unable to take the test by december. I didn't show up for the test date that was scheduled in december, as I was told that by doing that I could just apply to retake the test without the 90 day waiting period...
  9. A

    DAT Cancellation VS No-Show

    Hi, I would like know about cancellation and no-show for DAT through Prometric. Let's say I want to cancel the DAT exam which is within 2 days. There's a $100 fee for cancelling. Would there be a fee for no-show? What would be the difference of cancelling and no-show then? Will I able to...
  10. C

    DAT Breadown (21AA/20TS) plus crucial tip!

    First, the crucial tip: take advantage of Prometric's test drive!!! I can’t recommend doing this enough. This is basically a dry run of the DAT - you go to the testing facility and go through all the motions you would on test day. I found that I was way more calm on D-day because I knew where...
  11. A

    Prometric Center Purchase NY (Westchester)

    Haven't noticed a Prometric review section here, in which people discuss their experiences/recommendations on which Prometric centers are good or bad (not sure why this is, kind of a significant issue I’d think). Does anyone have info on the center in Purchase NY (Westchester)? Was the...