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Nov 11, 2015
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I am a student in Texas. I am going to be applying to a Physician Assistant program in a couple years. My concern is that I have a criminal history. I have three misdemeanor shoplifting offenses on my record. When I apply for the program, they will have been 5 & 7 years ago that they happened. I have gotten orders of nondisclosure for them. I'm aware that the Texas Medical Board is able to see offenses even if they have an order of nondisclosure. My question is, will these render me noneligible for enrollment in the program? And if I do get in the program and complete it, will I even be able to obtain my license from the Texas Medical Board with these on my record?

Moose A Moose

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Nov 24, 2009
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If you're accepted and graduate, I don't think the TX Med Board will stop you.

The tough part is going to be getting in and showing the adcoms that you're a mature, medical career minded adult. You better have something that pops on your application. I don't think those misdemeanors bar you from matriculation, but they're a red flag- to adcoms- none the less.