1. C

    Selling lot of WREB patient/mannikin dentist exam materials

    Hello, I passed the practical portion of the WREB this past November, so I am selling all of my leftover WREB exam supplies. I was a nontraditional candidate without school resources, which is why I bought so much and have so much extra! Almost everything was purchased at Acadental or Stevenson...
  2. K

    Quickest licensure process?

    Hi all! I am currently on internship and there is a chance that my husband's job is going to relocate him/us to another country next year. Looking at that country's process for psychologists who have been trained elsewhere, it will be easier for me to transfer a license than to simply transfer...
  3. O

    NJ MPJE 2021

    I'm currently studying for the NJ MPJE. So far I've used RxPrep MPJE, MPJEMADEEASY.com and the documents from the NJ BOP website. What else do you guys suggest I can use to study or can do to study to help ensure I pass this exam 1st time? How many questions do you think you would need to get in...
  4. mindnerd

    Clinical Psychology Postdoc Abroad

    Let's say that I complete a research postdoc abroad and become licensed abroad (e.g., NZ, AU, UK, IT) after completing a doctoral program and APA accredited internship in the US. Would I be able to come back to the US and apply for licensure without having completed a 1-2 year postdoc as is...
  5. E

    PhD/PsyD Ohio Jurisprudence/Licensure Exam

    Hi everyone, I am studying for the Ohio jurisprudence exam (I take it on July 18th). I have been told to essentially "memorize" the entire manual they provide (39 pages). Has anyone taken the test recently who can speak about the difficulty of the questions? Or, the types of questions they might...
  6. E

    Applying for a job after completing GPR in NYC

    Hi all, I'm about to start my GPR residency on July 1st in NYC. I like to plan things out mentally ahead of time, so I wanted to know exactly how the process works around this time next year in terms of applying for jobs/receiving licensure. From what I've read, it seems that many people...
  7. H

    pursuing postdoc after licensure?

    Hi, I currently live in a state (Utah) that doesn't require postdoc, and I am eligible for licensure. However, I want to be license eligible in other states that do require postdoc hours. I am wondering though, if I obtain licensure in Utah, can I still do a post-doc to obtain hours that can go...
  8. C

    License Transfer to California if Licensed Under 1 Year?

    Hi all, I’m currently completing a PGY-1 residency out of state but decided I would like to return to my home state of California after finishing in July. (Went to pharmacy school in another, different state). Do I have to be licensed for a year in order to license transfer? I missed the...
  9. L

    Compounding exam, NY licensure, Residency

    I want to apply for residency programs in New York, but as you know they require a third exam (in addition to MPJE and NAPLEX), that is compounding. That exam can only be taken in June and January (weirdly). I graduate end of june, and should be licensed by September 1 in New York. In order to...
  10. Petieaz

    New Zealand

    Hi, I’m an American and an American trained dentist. I am hoping to establish some professional relationships abroad, particularly in a New Zealand. I am interested in international service and possibly practicing in New Zealand down the road. I was wondering if there are any New Zealanders that...
  11. G

    I passed the EPPP... now what?

    (Before you keep reading, this pertains only to getting licensed in California.) Hi everyone, so I think we can all agree that the licensure process is incredibly confusing and the CA Board of Psychology sucks at communication. I recently passed the EPPP (woo!) and have no clue whether I can...
  12. M

    PhD/PsyD Informal post-doc hours, transferable between states?

    A bit of backstory: I went on the academic job market last year and arranged to take a position as an assistant professor wherein I'd teach grad/undergrad classes, supervise students, and essentially get enough clinical hours through these experiences to be licensed within 1.5 to 2 years. I've...
  13. C

    Illinois Licensure

    So this might be a dumb question - I just took the Boards on July 24th and found out that I passed on Tuesday evening. Do I have to submit my score or paperwork to Illinois? Or does the fee and paperwork that I submitted to be accepted prior to taking the Boards cover that? I'm not sure if there...
  14. N

    Recent grads licensed in WA-Practicum Hrs for WA Licensure- What Counts? Coming From Out-of-State

    Hi everyone! I am currently a pre-doctoral intern and finishing my last few months of internship...so close to degree conferral. I completed my training in Oregon and just accepted a job with a group practice in WA as license-eligible with the plan to get licensed immediately after internship. I...
  15. L

    New York Licensure Timeline

    I applied for New York Licensure approximately two months ago and am wondering if any of you kind folks are familiar with the typical timeframe for the Licensing Board. Any experience? I have followed up with the NYS Education folks who noted that my application was complete, but under review...
  16. C

    J1 visa - International student doing PhD - postdoc / licensure

    Hi all, I am an international student doing my Clin Psych PhD and about to start internship - I have a couple of questions regarding visas for postdocs and licensing - currently on a J1 and trying to figure out whether I am better off switching to an F1 or not. My internship will allow me to...
  17. M66

    APA vs. non-APA post-docs for licensure in different states?

    I will be seeking licensure as a psychologist in Texas, but I am expecting I could move anywhere in the country in the future (partner is in academia). To become licensed in different states (after having less than 5 years licensed in Texas), should I exclusively look at APA-accredited post-doc...
  18. K

    Worked at community pharmacy in NJ. How to submit intern hours to PA for licensure?

    I have been working in New Jersey as a pharmacy intern. I am looking to apply to some residencies in Pennsylvania but I know PA requires 500 intern hours outside of rotations for licensure. On the PA BOP page, the "Intern Experience Reporting Form" states that intern hours must be earned in PA...
  19. F

    Other OT-Related Information Licensure between states

    Can anyone point me in the direction of finding information about multiple state licensure? Like if you live between bordering states and may potentially work in both states. Don't some states have contracts for those type of situations? Thanks in advance for any info!!
  20. red-panda

    California Pre-License Substance Abuse Requirement

    The last post I can find about this is inactive since 2013, so wanted to ask people who are licensed in California or trying to get licensed in Cali more recently, about the substance abuse course requirement. I have education in substance abuse, but it was either part of a larger course or...
  21. Brig7

    CDCA (NERB) and California

    Hey guys, I'm a rising 3rd year at Pitt, but am from California, and am hoping CA gets organized with the CDCA exams by the time I could be taking them. Can anyone shed some light on this? Officially it's been said that 2017 is the "Expected Acceptance" year for the CDCA in CA. But I've also...
  22. CanadianCounselor

    Counseling V. Clinical Psych (CPA or APA?)

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  23. CanadianCounselor

    CPA-accredited PsyD Program

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  24. F

    Foreign Pharmacy Fresh Graduate

    Hi, I just graduated from a four year pharmacy program in another country, and my goal is to become a licensed pharmacist in the U.S.. I was planning on taking the FPGEE exam, but a site says I'm not qualified to take it since I graduated after 2003. So I think the only option for me right now...
  25. G

    Transferring an MSc from the U.K.

    Fairly recently (January 2016) I graduated from Kingston University in the U.K. with an MSc in Clinical Psychology. However, I’m American and my goal has always been to one day practice in the U.S. I was hoping to potentially become a licensed therapist in the California. I realize now that it’s...
  26. P

    GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions

    Hello, I had a question regarding the GA Wet Lab Errors and Omissions. I am having a hard time differentiating between option C (problem with label) and option E (inappropriate substitution). For example, if an MD wrote for hydroxyzine pamoate, but the pharmacist/technician accidentally choose...
  27. pittpsych2014

    2 year window for EPPP at VA...?

    Greetings! I have a question for VA folks. I received an informal offer yesterday while interviewing at VA hospital (yay!). The chief stated that he'd really like me to take the EPPP "within a month" (such that I am fully licensed by projected start date of September 2017) because he doesn't...
  28. A

    Search terms for jobs to accrue hours for licensure

    I am completing my doctoral internship at the end of next month. I have some applications out and a few interviews scheduled for post-doctoral positions, but want to make sure I am using the correct search terms to find a position. I have ample experience across the lifespan as well as...
  29. D

    Advice on Getting Licensed in Massachusetts

    Having just gotten licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts (and having found the process convoluted and overwhelming at times), I decided to write a short blog with tips on the process. You can find it here: Bits and Pieces Hope it helps!
  30. A

    MA/MS State (and changing states) Licensure and Salary

    I am getting my MS in Michigan and will graduate next year with 45 credits, 750 practicum supervision hours, and completed BCBA supervision. 1. What can I do to get Oregon psychologist associate licensure? Will I have to take more classes/hours? (Is it advised to just stay in Michigan?) 2. What...
  31. A

    MA/MS State (and changing states) licensure/salary questions

    I am getting my MS in Michigan and will graduate next year with 45 credits, 750 practicum supervision hours, and completed BCBA supervision. 1. What can I do to get Oregon psychologist associate licensure? Will I have to take more classes/hours? (Is it advised to just stay in Michigan?) 2. What...
  32. B

    Could ten-month postdoc be a problem for licensure?

    Can anyone comment on their experience getting licensed with a ten-month postdoc? I don't know where I'll end up living and I'm worried some states might require postdoc hours to be acquired over at least 12 months. I'd like to clarify before I apply. Thanks!
  33. S

    FPGEE and ECE report help!!

    Hi guys, I just received my ECE report and wanted to know if I have a chance at being eligible for the FPGEE My report says that I have the United States equivalent of: -One year of undergraduate study -Bachelor degree, major area of study: Pharmaceutical Science I did my GCE international A...
  34. I

    PhD/PsyD EPPP- sitting during internship/before degree conferred

    Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been posted elsewhere. I am currently on internship and looking to take the EPPP during the internship year. Are you aware of any states that allow you to apply for the licensure process and be eligible to sit for the EPPP during internship aka before...
  35. D

    PhD/PsyD Sofia University/ ITP Global Hybrid PhD Program and licensure

    Hello everyone, I just completed my PhD in Transpersonal Psychology through Sofia University's (formally Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) Global Hybrid program. Basically there was some residential, but the majority of it was online. The Global Hybrid PhD program is NOT APA approved...
  36. H

    Texas BOP ATT/licensure

    So, I went to school outside of texas, but want to get licensed here. I submitted my application on 5/26/16, their website says it takes 6 weeks, but i still don't have my ATT. I tried calling, but they just keep telling me to wait. Has anyone else recently applied for texas? And how long...
  37. NerdDoc

    Concerns about my supervisor and hours verification

    I have found myself in a concerning situation. I am in a private practice setting. It is a well respected group practice in the area and I was very excited to be doing my post-doc here. My supervisory experience has not been great and there have been some issues. My supervisor (SV) started out...
  38. siddyp

    looking for study partner for sitting ndeb part 1 in new zealand

    looking for someone that can help push each other for ndeb part1. doing the exam in feb2017. i want to properly prepare for this exam and pass first time. im from new zealand but area doesnt really matter, only the motivation to study!!
  39. M

    PhD/PsyD PostDocs for a Non-APA/APPIC Internship Applicant

    Sigh. The struggle is real. I recently graduated from a APA accredited clinical psych program(phd). I just published my dissertation on a peer-review journal(yay!). Clinically I specialized in children and adolescents, research wise on Health Psych. BUT my internship was not APA/APPIC...
  40. P

    US MD Student that wants to live in Italy

    My friend is in an US MD school. He wants to live in Italy for his life. He was wondering what the possibility of that is? He is wondering if he can do a residency in Italy when he graduates his US MD program, and thus become an Italian doctor. Or if he can do his residency in the US, and then...