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Jan 23, 2004
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Does Any Body Know That Which Credential Evaluator Can Write The Report Like B.d.s Degree Program[adopted By British] Is Equivalent Or Similar To The Dds Or Dmd Program In United States.if Some Body Knows About That ,please Let Me Know.


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Jun 19, 2008

i also want to know that.

as i know, ECE cannot give that evaluation, it just said that completion of six years study in dentistry program.

if you know, can you tell me which instititution can give such report as BDS equivalence as DDS of US?



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Mar 29, 2008
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ECE & WES donot equate BDS to DDS/DMD


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Sep 1, 2006
No one will do that. Its impossible. If it were possible, people wouldn't be spending 2-3 years going back to dental school just to practice in the US.


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Aug 4, 2004
No one will do that. Its impossible. If it were possible, people wouldn't be spending 2-3 years going back to dental school just to practice in the US.
Being able to walk into the US/Canada and practice as an overseas trained dentist has NOTHING to do with your degree being titled a "bachelor of dental surgery"! It has EVERYTHING to do with it being accredited by CODA or not.

In Sweden, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Philippians, Germany, etc (the list goes on) students also only study dentistry for 5-6 years out of High school and their degrees are either DDS or DMD.. and ECE doesn't equate these degrees to a North American DDS/DMD either. Not because its not a "similar/equivalent" degree; but simply because its not accredited by CODA.

Which is why you can apply to dental residency programs with a BDS (which is a non US accredited DDS equivalent) and provided you have completed a US accredited program (specialty or general) for 2+ years.. many US states will subsequently offer you a license. This is fulfilling the requirement of completion of some "locally accredited" training. This is the same reason that foreign MBBS, MD, etc must complete a locally ACGME accredited medical residency for 2-3 years prior to obtaining a US state medical license.

Vet schools in the Australia and New Zealand graduate students with Bachelors of Vet surg (BVS) and they can walk right into the US/Canada and practice because their degrees are "accredited" by the ACVM (American college of Vet Med).
The Australian BVS is 100% equal to the US DVM because it is US accredited.

CODA is currently open for applications from foreign dental schools to be accredited by CODA. (regardless of what the title of the degree they offer)

See:US/Canadian accreditation available for overseas dental schools

(I know specifically that some Australian dental schools are currently undering this accreditation review by CODA and/or developing some form of reciprical agreement)

If your dental school (in whatever country.. granting whatever dental degree: BDS, DDS, DMD, DDM, Dr.MedDent, etc) wants to apply for CODA accreditation.. if granted CODA accreditation... that degree (whatever it was) would henceforth be a US/Canadian accredited dental degree and 100% equivalent to a US/Canadian degree. :thumbup:

Make sense?
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