Behavioral Neuroendocrinology - What do I put as "subject" in transcript entry form?


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May 21, 2014
Probably the library
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The Behavioral Neuroendocrinology class I took as a psych course
If the department heading is psych, then I would put it down as a psych course. If you got an A in it and would be benefitted by putting it as endocrinology/biology, you could probably submit it under that. The way I understand it is that AACOMAS will change it to psych on transcript review if they feel it should be a psych class. I would say there's probably a 75% chance it could get changed to psych, but I've never heard of them rejecting it and making you fix it yourself. Basically, you'd be taking a very minor gamble with a decent payoff if you submit it as science instead of psych, if you need a little boost in sGPA.