Best MCAT Practice Tests + Qbanks? Jan 23rd Test*****

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Oct 19, 2015
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Hey guys long time viewer first time poster. Long story short, I've been studying for this MCAT for quite some time now and had to push it back for various reasons (none good). My plan is to put my foot in the ground and take it January 23rd, I have just over a full month to prepare and nothing but time to get it done.

I've already put in quite a lot of hours studying so at this point I feel after 1 week of content review tops I should be ready to dive head first into just doing questions. I had the Kaplan course and did all the Qbank + FLs (which I did not think were indicative of the AAMC). Outside of AAMC resources which are the best for doing questions, and which do y'all think have the best FLs? Also for anyone else I thought the EK 101 Passages in Verbal was amazing for CARS, that was my best section by far when preparing before.

Honestly the Chem/Phys section is my weakest so any material you guys think that is good to help me fortify that would be greatly appreciated.