Sep 5, 2014
So I bought the Berkley Review but I've heard bad reviews on its verbal. Can you explain why?
I have done examkrackers verbal 101 and the AAMC self assessment verbal and they didn't help me at all.

To review new material. What is the best verbal books? I heard Princeton Review is the best but by the time I take my exam I'll run out of verbal passages. Any others you guys recommend or should I stick to Berkley and Princeton Review verbal? What would be your favorite/top choices?


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Aug 5, 2012
From order of awesome to suck

1) AAMC full lengths
2) AAMC SA verbal passages
3) Official guide 3rd edition verbal
4) TPR hyperlearning (make sure hyperlearning is in title)
5) EK 101 verbal

6) Everything else