Best way to drastically improve score in 3 weeks?

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Oct 31, 2010
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Hey guys,

I'm scheduled to take the MCAT Januarty 26th, so with around 3 weeks to go this is crunch time. I've been scoring ~31-32 on the Kaplan FL exams, and got a 30 on both AAMC 8 and 9. My goal is to get a 34-35. In these last few weeks, what are some great strategies to really get those few extra points? I work full time weekdays so I really only have weekday nights and the weekends to devote to this test. Your advice is greatly appreciated!

I might add that at this point I"ve mainly just been doing practice problems and tests and going over the questions that I missed - I don't know if this is common but I feel as if at this point there is not much more that I can do except just practice? I would really like to hit my ideal score though.

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I will also say that my PS and BS sscores have been (in the most part) relatively consistent (10+), but it's my VR that continues to be lower. Should I just devote my time to VR practice?