Biochem Sketches and Big Sales!

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Feb 20, 2018
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Hey! We hope that you're all doing great. We've been working around the clock at the Physeo offices, and we're super excited to announce that after many thousands of hours, our complete biochem section is finally available on the website!

This section is particularly unique and powerful, because it not only includes full conceptual coverage of all the content, but we also included a whole bunch of mnemonic sketches for some of the memorization-heavy bits. It's never been easier to lock down the vitamins or the dreaded lysosomal storage diseases! Visual learning is insanely effective, and we're huge proponents of it. We hope that you enjoy the sketches as much as we enjoyed making them!

*Use code sdnspecial for $25 off of a 6-month, or 1-year subscription through midnight on February 1st.


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