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  2. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy School dropping courses concern

    Hey guys i just got a quick question it’s probably really stupid but oh well. I’m currently in my very last semester before i begin pharmacy school in the fall and i committed already (Committed to Wayne state university). Right now i’m taking a biochem class and this professor is God awful and...
  3. Baller27

    Withdraw or Stay?

    Hello, I am a third year with a 3.996 GPA, and almost every pre-med pre-req completed except for biochem. I am currently not doing so hot in it, and if I grind out the next month I'll probably finish with a B/B+ if I get a 75 on the final (historically the average has been about a 50). The...
  4. diana2000

    biochem with little orgo knowledge?

    Hey everyone I’m a senior at my university and i took organic chemistry my freshman year and decided to take biochem now. My only problem is that i forgot a lot of the information for organic chem and barely remember how to name structures at the top of my head. I need to pass this biochem...
  5. R

    Gap Year Job Help - 3 Opportunities

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some help on deciding between 3 opportunities right now based on my long term goals as I can't tell what is the best option and keep going in circles only talking to myself about this. Most of my friends just tell me to take the job offering more money without...
  6. J

    I’m in a pickle, could use some advice!

    So with Covid, things are interesting. I took a semester off during Covid because of some personal stuff but upon returning last fall things were different for sure. I didn’t take any sciences this past fall but taking orgo II, biochem, microbio and a writing this course this semester in...
  7. S

    Do Admission Committees look into course descriptions?

    The answer to my question is likely no as that would be very time consuming, but I was just wondering if admissions committees ever scrutinize university course descriptions to make sure certain courses covered all the topics that they deem essential knowledge for a course. I have seen one...
  8. Doctoscope

    Do I need another biochem class (esp. for some DO schools)?

    The biochem class I'm taking is UCLA's 153A, which is 1 quarter term. It's 4 quarter units, which converts to 2.67 semester units. But, some DO and MD schools require 3 semester units, which puts me under by like 0.3 units... does this mean I need another biochem class? Or will the 0.3...
  9. I

    Relationship b/w cooperativity/allostery and entropy

    Hi SDN! I was wondering what the relationship between cooperativity and entropy is with regards to hemoglobin and oxygen binding. I came across a question in TPR biochem review on this topic and in the answer description it says "consistent with the 'cooperativity' phenomenon of each of these...
  10. O

    How to study for a biochem course

    I'm going to be taking biochem this summer but I have no idea how to approach it. How did y'all study for it when you were taking it?
  11. G

    Mandatory P/F --- Should I take biochem?

    This year, I have been taking the biochem sequence and was planning to finish it in the upcoming quarter before taking the MCAT during summer. However, our university now made our next quarter mandatory P/F. I am debating whether to stick to my original plan or to push it off to next year's...
  12. postponemastudentloan

    Taking MCAT Prep class along with Biochemistry?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to see if anyone has taken an MCAT prep class along with another course that is on the mcat? I want to take an MCAT prep class for the guidance but I will also have to take Biochemistry at the same time because of the way my schedule is & I am not able to rearrange it any...
  13. jg2021

    need some biochem study tips

    So I am in biochemistry right now and have my first exam in two days. A lot of the material is built off of prior orgo and gen chem knowledge, as this first exam is on amino acids, functional groups, pka curves, and hemoglobin/myoglobin saturation curves, however I just bombed my second quiz on...
  14. N

    Bad idea?! Taking all these courses at the same time ?..

    So for the first semester of my sophomore year I am taking Physics 1 & lab, genetics, calc 2 and environment & society (writing and reading intensive course). Do you think it would be a bad idea to switch out the environmental class for biochemistry. is it a bad idea to take biochem at the same...
  15. chemdoctor

    Want to go to med school don’t really like Anatomy?

    Did any of you not like anatomy? I’m not really enjoying it. It’s easy but damn so much rote memorization... kinda boring here and there. What do y’all think about this? Is it a bad sign? I love genetics, Biochem, my neuroscience classes etc.
  16. physeosteve

    Biochem Sketches and Big Sales!

    Hey! We hope that you're all doing great. We've been working around the clock at the Physeo offices, and we're super excited to announce that after many thousands of hours, our complete biochem section is finally available on the website! This section is particularly unique and powerful...
  17. theITcrowd

    Take Biochem and Genetics before completing orgo/bio...bad idea?

    Hi folks, In looking ahead at the next academic year, I'm considering taking biochem and genetics while completing orgo and bio. My schedule would look something like this: Fall 2019: Orgo 1, Bio 1, Biochem Spring 2020: Orgo 2, Bio 2, Genetics I see that most programs and schools recommend...
  18. B

    For all you science h8rs, How science-heavy is dental school?

    Hey y'all! I am an Anthropology Pre-Dent major who is really struggling with keeping motivation with her science classes. I hate all of my science classes. I would rather take Comp 1 and Comp 2 over and over again than to take Biochem next semester. I am doing alright in my science classes with...
  19. a_zed24

    Furanoses and Ketoses

    Hello there, I was wondering about the fact that fructose's chain rings up as a there any correlation between ketose sugars and furanose rings in general? In other words, do all ketoses form a furanose ring? Thanks!
  20. a_zed24

    Hexose sugars are the ONLY building blocks for other polymers

    Hello there, my chem teacher said in class that ONLY hexose sugars, like glucose, can be repeated several times to produce oligo or polysaccharides. The other monosaccharides (triose, tetrose, pentose,...) can not do the same but are important for the formation of carbohydrates
  21. armoman898

    How to handle NO Biochemistry (but 2 semester of Orgo)

    I have taken Orgo 1 and 2 (8 credits). I did not take Biochem before I graduated :bang:. I'm a non-trad. On my AACOMAS primary, I selected "I'm not matching any course to this prerequisite" for Biochemistry, for the schools that require Biochem. I already submitted (9/12/18). I emailed a few...
  22. G

    Should I study biochem for the MCAT?

    I'll be taking biochem the spring prior to graduation followed by the MCAT. Should I do separate MCAT specific studying for that class or would "regular" studying for unit exams suffice? Please advise. My apologies for reposting but my last post got no responses and it's probably lost in space...
  23. G

    Should I study this course for the MCAT?

    I'll be taking biochem the spring prior to graduation followed by the MCAT. Should I do separate MCAT specific studying for that class or would "regular" studying for unit exams suffice? Please advise. Thanks
  24. 6

    Does It Matter Which Biochemistry Class I Take?

    As of now, I've taken almost all the pre-med pre-requisites except for organic chemistry and biochemistry. Plus I also want to start studying for the MCAT as soon as possible. At my school, there is one biochemistry course that doesn't require orgo but my pre-med advisor does not think that it...
  25. J

    Self study bio chem for MCAT?

    Hi guys, I had a question concerning the biochem questions of the MCAT, Theoretically if the only class I couldn’t take before the MCAT was biochem due to scheduling conflicts then how bad would it hurt me? The way my cycle is planned, I will only be up to Orgo-2.. the thing is, there is a...
  26. A

    MCAT Biology/biochem section

    I'm going through the TPR biology book and I see that there's a ton of information in here, some of which was not taught in my intro bio classes. Currently I'm trying to go through and learn all of this info but it's proving to be a ton of work/memorization. Anyone have any advice on how to...
  27. D

    Where to take physics 2/biochem prereq

    Hi, I need to complete my physics 2 and biochem online. Are there any schools other than UNE that offer it self-paced? If anyone has done these online, how quickly were you able to complete them? Thanks a lot!
  28. M

    Advice on Postponing Step 1

    Hey guys! Complete newbie to posting (but veteran lurker). I'm an IMG graduate. I was scheduled to my Step 1 in 2 weeks but my NBME scores are dismal: NBME 13 (6/13/2018): 161 NBME 17 (5/17/2018): 178 That's an increase of 17 points over 4 weeks....still failing :dead: I've come to terms with...
  29. brightlight3

    Biochem as an acceptable substitute for Orgo II

    I have a question regarding Biochem substituting for Orgo II for medical school admissions. If I took Orgo I with Lab and did Biochem I, would I need to have a lab component in order to fulfill the medical school requirements or would it be acceptable to just have the lab for Orgo I with a...
  30. TragicalDrFaust

    How will retaking Biochem II as a biochem major affect my chances?

    I'm a 2nd semester senior already planning on applying to mainly lower-tier and DO schools, pending my MCAT scores. I'm an ORM. I have a 3.67 as it stands. I'll have 600+ clinical hours as well as 200+ hospital and other volunteering by the time I apply. I'm currently looking for undergraduate...
  31. A

    Biochem on MCAT

    I've taken biochem 1 at my university and received an A. I believe I have a pretty solid understanding of all the material in it. Should I take biochem 2 as well? Or would it be unnecessary? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  32. Awkotaku

    What classes did you take before the MCAT?

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and have taken general chemistry, physics, English, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and some statistics courses. I will be taking biology and organic chemistry in my junior year, genetics the summer before my senior year, and taking the yearlong...
  33. themanonthemoon

    When to take Biochem?

    I'll be taking the MCAT May of 2019 and I will be a senior this coming fall. I have a couple questions. I'm going to begin studying for the MCAT in January of 2019 since I will be in my last semester of school. My question: Would you guys think it would be better to take Biochemistry in my fall...
  34. babytomato

    Two semesters of biochem?

    I noticed that a lot of dental schools only require one semester of biochem. Since it's part of the dental school curriculum, would it be helpful to take biochem II?
  35. C

    Is my class schedule good enough? (Bio Research)

    Im not exactly interested going into Pre-Pharmacy but it is on the table. I would really like to do work in molecular biology (a lot research!) .. and eventually working my way to more sophisticated molecular research in the future. I am currently an undergrad at Oswego State University majoring...
  36. M

    Need advice on when to take biochemistry

    Hello everyone. My plan is to take the DAT either sometime in late April or early May, I have graduated with a degree in Biology and during that time I did take Biochemistry, however, I failed it and I plan to retake it in the summer this year. My question is whether or not that's too late or...
  37. Dudemcatter

    Half off MCAT Prep tools

    That #MCAT help you have been looking for is here, now half off!! @drawittoknowit #bio #biochem #medschool MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Tutorials
  38. N

    Biochemistry as a non-trad

    Where would be the most reasonable place to take biochemistry as a non-trad? Many of the schools I'm planning on applying to require it. I did fine on the biochem section of my MCAT and I'm thinking I should just take it online right before applying. Any advice or suggestions for courses would...
  39. M

    Taking Biochem 2 instead of Biochem 1 for the MCAT

    Hi everyone! I go to a small private school in Pittsburgh and unfortunately they only offer Biochem 1 in the Fall and Biochem 2 in the Spring. Since I have very little background in Biochem I would like to take a Biochem class before taking the MCAT. Do you guys think this is a good idea, or...
  40. A

    Online prereqs?

    Hi, I'm planning on taking online biochem and online English at University of Western Ontario ( I go to UWO and I am Canadian by the way, living in Canada). However, I've contacted some good American medical schools and they seem to not like online courses. However, how they would be able to...