1. H

    Should I take 1 quarter or 2 quarters of biochemistry?

    My school (UG) offers a 1 quarter biochem course which isn't as hard as the 2 quarter series biochem. I'm not confident in my ability to get an A in the series offering. The thing is, some dental schools ask for just 4 credits (1 quarter), while some ask for "Half-year". I don't know if 1...
  2. H

    No Biochemistry Offered At My School?

    I go to a community college and there are no other colleges/universities in my area (for at least 90+ miles). My college does not offer biochemistry! I am really frustrated since I know I could take it online at another university, but that doesn't look great for admissions from what I've heard...
  3. P

    Can't figure out if this class more sufficient than the other

    I am heading into my last semester of undergrad. I am currently taking Cell Biochemistry this winter and I am scheduled for Biochemistry I in the spring semester. I am not sure if I need or should take the Biochemistry I class because my overall GPA is hovering at around 3.49 overall at the...
  4. diana2000

    biochem with little orgo knowledge?

    Hey everyone I’m a senior at my university and i took organic chemistry my freshman year and decided to take biochem now. My only problem is that i forgot a lot of the information for organic chem and barely remember how to name structures at the top of my head. I need to pass this biochem...
  5. Alexd0223

    Add Physics?

    Hi, I am a sophomore Biochemistry major (pre-med, 3.85 GPA at 41 hours) and am working on my fall schedule. I am currently signed up for (with credits): Organic Chemistry 1 - 4 Precalculus - 4 American History - 3 World Music - 3 Biochemistry Research - 2 I also have a club, and tutor 6 hours...
  6. Alexd0223

    Schedule Too Much?

    Hi, I am a sophomore Biochemistry major (pre-med, 3.85 GPA at 41 hours) and am working on my fall schedule. I am currently signed up for (with credits): Organic Chemistry 1 - 4 Precalculus - 4 American History - 3 World Music - 3 Biochemistry Research - 2 I also have a club, and tutor 6 hours...
  7. O

    How to study for a biochem course

    I'm going to be taking biochem this summer but I have no idea how to approach it. How did y'all study for it when you were taking it?
  8. DITKI

    MCAT Free Trial + Save 25% on Draw it to Know it MCAT Test Prep - use code SDN25

    Our MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Test Prep course is perfect for students who need more than Qbanks! If you're looking for a true review of (or introduction to...) key concepts in biology and biochemistry for the MCAT, Draw it to Know it is the perfect solution. Draw along with our narrated...
  9. H

    Effect of NADH on Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase

    I had a practice question that read: "High levels of NADH will inhibit which of the following enzymes?" The answer choices Fructose 1-6-bisphosphatase and Glucose-6-phosphatase were both explained to be incorrect because: "This enzyme is required for gluconeogenesis. High levels of NADH would...
  10. a_zed24

    Qualitative test for CO toxicity

    Hello there! One quick (and relatively insensitive) method to detect acute CO poisoning is to take a blood sample, dilute it and mix it with 5% NaOH. A pink tint in comparison with the colour obtained from a normal blood specimen (I've been told it'd be brown-ish?) suggests the presence of...
  11. D

    Took the wrong course in college, can I say I repeated it? AACOMAS

    Last year I took a biochem/molecular biology course before I should have (chalk it up to poor advising and ignorance/ I had not taken the prerequisite course). This particular biochem course was also the course specifically for biochem majors, which I was not (i am ChemE). Anyway, I did not...
  12. jg2021

    need some biochem study tips

    So I am in biochemistry right now and have my first exam in two days. A lot of the material is built off of prior orgo and gen chem knowledge, as this first exam is on amino acids, functional groups, pka curves, and hemoglobin/myoglobin saturation curves, however I just bombed my second quiz on...
  13. chunkyfilms

    Where can I take a Biochemistry Lab?

    I'm registered to take a 3 credit Intro to Biochem lecture, but I'm looking to add a lab in the future just in case I need it. The school I'm taking it at doesn't offer a lab at all. They're going to start offering a 4 credit Biochem course during the winter but it will still just be a lecture...
  14. O

    Biochemistry Prerequisite

    At my school I was unable to take the intro to biochemistry course (restricted to biochem majors) so instead I took a biology class considered the course equivalent. Is this enough to fill my biochem prereq or will I have to figure out how to take a course in the actual biochem dept?
  15. Lifeisheart7373

    Which Pre Med Major would be the best for someone who's going to start University as a 26 year old ?

    Yes I know, I am 26 year old who will be starting post secondary education soon. I am almost always depressed about it. I will be older than most people in my class who will be in their 18s or 19s. Reason for being a Mature student, is that after dropping out of high school I was depressed, now...
  16. physeosteve

    Biochem Sketches and Big Sales!

    Hey! We hope that you're all doing great. We've been working around the clock at the Physeo offices, and we're super excited to announce that after many thousands of hours, our complete biochem section is finally available on the website! This section is particularly unique and powerful...
  17. chemdoctor

    Which class to take?

    Wondering which class to take between these two. Upper division Neuro course (good professor, however only two exams make up the grade. Not the best test taker, but an easy course) Biochem II (good professor, four exams (less weight on each exam), but would prob need a bit more study time...
  18. futureneuromaniac

    For Sale 10th Ed. Examkrackers Complete Study Set

    Hey, guys! I'm selling the Examkrackers 10th Ed. MCAT Complete Study Package for $165 total or best offer. I will pay for shipping. The set is in almost like new condition. (There is no writing in any of the books and the only highlighting is on a few pages of the CARS book.) The books include...
  19. A

    Biology II vs. Biochemistry II

    Hello all, I am planning on taking the MCAT next summer (2019) and am trying to decide whether I should take bio 2 or biochem 2 before I take the MCAT. I have already completed all of the classes that are suggested to take before the MCAT, except for biology 2. The reason I am concerned about...
  20. M

    Best Baseline Diagnostic Exam to use before starting to study

    Hello, a few questions!! I am planning to take the March MCAT (I will be a second sem junior) so I have a little under 5 months to prepare. I am wondering what the best exam to take to find out my current standing is. I know that the AAMC materials are the best. Should I use the first exam as a...
  21. chemdoctor

    Which is more Important?

    Hello, Curious as to which one adcoms view as more important. The main core prerequisites or upper divisions? I know, I know, one must do well in all coursework and do the best they can. But when it comes down to it, do adcoms give a greater priority to upper divisions or core prerequisites ?
  22. B

    Recommended books to read for specific topics in Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology

    I’m a first year student.
  23. armoman898

    How to handle NO Biochemistry (but 2 semester of Orgo)

    I have taken Orgo 1 and 2 (8 credits). I did not take Biochem before I graduated :bang:. I'm a non-trad. On my AACOMAS primary, I selected "I'm not matching any course to this prerequisite" for Biochemistry, for the schools that require Biochem. I already submitted (9/12/18). I emailed a few...
  24. D

    substrate concentration and affinity question

    As a general question in kinetics, when we are under LOW conditions of substrate, do we want HIGH or LOW affinity for the substrate? I have in my notes that when we are under low substrate conditions, we want low affinity for the substrate because we don't want to be using it up so much since...
  25. C

    MD What are my chances/options?

    Hello this is my first time posting on SDN. I'm a sophomore Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major (current GPA: 4.0) at a small liberal arts college, what I do: this is my second semester researching in a computational chemistry lab I am a volunteer ESL (English as a 2nd language) teacher...
  26. S

    Telegram group links

    If you have a Medical discussion group link on telegram please drop it.
  27. E

    Can’t take biochemistry

    Hi everyone! I am in a bit of a jam regarding taking biochemistry. I am starting my junior year and was unable to get into the biochemistry class (only 24 students allowed). Biochemistry I is only offered in the fall and I will be going abroad next fall so I really got screwed. I am trying to...
  28. D

    Do I Need to Take Biochemistry Again?

    Hi Everyone: I am in Western Governors University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing Prelicensure Program. I love it, but I don't know what or if I want to pursue a different career later on. I took an online 3 credit Biochemistry class with no lab at WGU as a part of my BSN Prelicensure...
  29. A

    Delaying my MCAT Date?

    I am currently a rising senior undergrad (will be taking a gap year after college, aka applying in 2019). I was planning on taking my MCAT in early September, however, I am worried that I will not be prepared enough. I have been studying this summer, but due to some unforeseen circumstances have...
  30. M

    HELP me choose an SMP

  31. D

    AAMC biochemistry flashcards #15

    Can someone please explain how to find this answer to me? Researchers collected the following data for an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. [Substrate] (muM) 3 6 10 20 50 100 1000 10,000 Vo (muM/min) 22 53 100 129 162 180 199 200 What is the approximate numerical value of the slope of the...
  32. I

    basicity of amino acids

    I was wondering why histidine < lysine < arginine are in this order of increasing basicity, if histidine has a more stable conjugate acid (protonated form) due to resonance?
  33. M

    Tulane MS Biochemistry?

    I have been searching SDN for a while but cannot find any solid info/reviews of the Tulane MS Biochemistry program! Does anyone have any information on this program?
  34. E

    MD & DO Best resource for biochemistry?

    Hey guys, I'm just looking for a good resource for studying biochem... Any suggestions?
  35. G

    Admissions and Optional Prerequisites

    Does anyone know if admissions committees give preference in admission to people who have taken the "optional prerequisites" (Bichem, Microbio, Anat and Physio) for their school? I'm especially curious about the impact on applicants to SUNY Optometry. I have a some time before application and...
  36. chemdoctor

    Advice on taking Biochem?

    Hello everyone! I am going to be a Junior in the Fall and will be taking Biochem I. At the college I attend, Biochem I is one of the toughest classes haha. I was wondering what advice you guys have for studying Biochem? Those of you that did well in it, what should I go in expecting? Lots of...
  37. TragicalDrFaust

    How will retaking Biochem II as a biochem major affect my chances?

    I'm a 2nd semester senior already planning on applying to mainly lower-tier and DO schools, pending my MCAT scores. I'm an ORM. I have a 3.67 as it stands. I'll have 600+ clinical hours as well as 200+ hospital and other volunteering by the time I apply. I'm currently looking for undergraduate...
  38. A

    Biochem on MCAT

    I've taken biochem 1 at my university and received an A. I believe I have a pretty solid understanding of all the material in it. Should I take biochem 2 as well? Or would it be unnecessary? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  39. bsneuroscience

    Ideal Time to Take Biochemistry??

    ***Please feel free to correct me on the timeline process*** I'm a senior high school trying to plan out my college/premed schedule to try to fit in all the prerequisites in 2 years (because MCAT has to be taken before junior year/early junior year + you spend the rest of the year building your...
  40. themanonthemoon

    When to take Biochem?

    I'll be taking the MCAT May of 2019 and I will be a senior this coming fall. I have a couple questions. I'm going to begin studying for the MCAT in January of 2019 since I will be in my last semester of school. My question: Would you guys think it would be better to take Biochemistry in my fall...