biology vs. physics?

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Feb 6, 2004
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hi! i'm a junior in high school looking forward to study pharmacy in college. this may be a stupid question, but i'd figure it might be not be too stupid to ask any way. in high school i've taken 1 year of biology and 2 years of chemistry. i know chemistry is a big part of pharmacy, but i'm unsure about biology and physics.

i've yet to schedule my course for senior year. our requirements to graduate is only 3 years of science. although being able to skip last year of science due to fulfillment of credits, do you think it would be a smart idea to take another year any ways? i'm not the best science student, although i have a strong side in chemistry. i'd like to be fully prepared. if so, would you prefer me to take physics or another year of biology? which one is more concentrated in pre-pharm and pharm school? i'd like to take physics so i could have a background knowledge of all three major aspects of science, but would taking biology be a smarter idea? thanks!

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well, since you have to study physics in pre-pharm. I would recommend taking physics, so when you take it in college, you will at least be more prepared for it, cause physics is kinda hard to understand at first.
I would say of those three sciences, biology is the most fundamental to pharmacy. Since you've already taken a year of biology, I'd agree with Goheel and take the physics course. Because physics IS hard to understand the first time around. However, when you say that you're not a strong science student does that mean you did poorly in Biology? If that's the case then I would take another bio class.
If your high school offers AP in any of the sciences I would take it! You'll get college credit if you pass your AP test and you'd be much more prepared for your pre-pharm classes. :thumbup:
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I'm in college physics right now, and I truly regret not taking physics in high school. So, I would recommend that you take physics since you've already had bio and chem.
Getting a foundation in all the areas of science will help you in college. Bio, chem and physics are all requirements for pre-pharm. I think it would be better to take physics in high school because it is a little more difficult conceptually than biology and will prepare you when u take it in college. But then...I think physics is may not be the case for you. Everyone is different =)
I took AP Physics in high school, and I feel that it did not prepare me any better for college physics. But then again, it might have just been the class I was in and the teacher that was teaching it. Your school may have a stronger physics program.

I would suggest taking as many AP courses as you feel comfortable taking, and doing well on the exams to receive college credit. Getting a head start is always good, and some pharmacy schools even ask you to send in your AP scores.
I'm gonna be a conformist and say physics as well. :) I'm taking physics in college now and even though my high school physics class was a kazillion years ago, having prior exposure to this stuff is helpful. On the subject of getting college credit, even if you take AP Biology, you might still have to take a biology class in college. My college, for example, will give people with a 4 or 5 on the AP Biology test credit for introductory bio for non-science majors. However, one would still need to take an introductory bio class for science majors in order to get into pharmacy school.
i say take AP Bio and AP Physics as a senior.. and try to place out of both. cuz you will regret them in college..and ur gonna wish you placed out. I had ap chem and ap bio in high school, aced them both, but didn't take the placement exam thinkin I'd take them again in college and get an easy A.. trust me, they are NOT easy..