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Jul 7, 2006
I need some birthday gift ideas for husband/boyfriend :love: who is in his early 20s and like cooking, Italy, golf, and drinking.

Any ideas?? Thanks a lot.


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Jan 29, 2001
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I often face this problem with my husbad. Some recent gifts I have gotten him include new Nike golf bag, Oakley sunglasses (there's a deal where you can build your own glasses in the store), and a Cuisinart. I also got him a nice coffee maker with bean grinder once. For the traveling thing, you can always get him a coffee table book of Italy or a travel guide. Luggage is always nice, especially if you can get it monogrammed. Some guys like monogrammed shaving/grooming kits for traveling. A subscription to Cooking Light or Bon Appetite is also nice, albeit a little girly. Or get him one of Bobby Flay's Grilling Books- that's more manly. Dave Lieberman is good too, if he has a book out. Good luck. It's the thought that counts!
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