Block System at NVCP

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Feb 22, 2004
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Hey, could anyone please tell me about what yuo think are some of the advantages/disadvantages about the block system? Would you say that by having the block system you stay more "on top" of things? Thanks

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Well, as far as i know about the block system:

1. Advantages: Finish the program fast, master the materials well before moving on.

2. Disadvantages: it's for the fast-learners, students are expected to work harder. The courses will be unbalanced in terms of difficulty. Some block will be harder than the others.

Someone wanna add more?...
OH yeah Nevada is PAss/not pass system and to pass you need to score above a 90%. I read that info on some forum thread. Correct me if I am wrong.
You are......right! No "Rho Chi" for me...I do think that sux. I bust pretty high scores on some of these assessments, but there's nothing to distinguish that level of achievement from the "barely passers". No grades are given.