Boston MAMS vs Tufts MBS

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Feb 26, 2022
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Hi everyone,

Thank you in advance for the help!
I was accepted to Boston MAMS and Tufts MBS and I'm having trouble deciding between the two. Could alumni or anyone else please help me with a pros and cons list for both?

I have a scholarship for MAMS for $10k for the year so tuition would be ~48k while MBS would still be ~54k.
I've been wavering because I've heard Tufts is more lax? And if it's considered easier than Boston, I'd like to spend my extra time volunteering/gathering clinical hours.
Also, I'm planning on applying to med school June 2022 and would like to know how the schools advise students in their application before the school year begins. Interview prep (hopefully 1:1) would be great.
I'd also love to know if advisors have worked on their respective schools' adcoms before.

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