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  1. S

    Boston MAMS vs Tufts MBS

    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for the help! I was accepted to Boston MAMS and Tufts MBS and I'm having trouble deciding between the two. Could alumni or anyone else please help me with a pros and cons list for both? I have a scholarship for MAMS for $10k for the year so tuition would be...
  2. S

    Tufts MBS vs Georgetown SMP vs UPenn Specialized Pre-health Postbacc - Decision Help

    Hi! I was recently admitted to Tufts MBS (dual degree with MPH) as well as Georgetown's SMP Program and only have a few days to make a decision. I was also admitted to UPenn's Specialized Studied Pre-health Postbacc, but was leaning towards Tufts/Gerogetown. I am having a lot of trouble...
  3. D

    SMP Help please!!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on SDN but I'm really in a bind and need help deciding on the following SMPs! Tufts, EVMS, CWRU-physiology, Drexel IMS, Georgetown. I don't qualify for the guaranteed interview from CWRU due to a much lower GPA than required.I live in FL so they would...
  4. N

    Tufts MBS vs Loyola MAMS vs Tulane Cellular and Molecular Biology

    I am graduating from JHU this May with major in Neuroscience. I submitted SMP applications late March 2019 and completed them 2 weeks ago. So far, I have been accepted to the following SMP programs: Tufts MBS, Loyola MAMS, Tulane Cellular and Molecular Biology. I am waiting to hear from JHU, U...
  5. A

    Tufts MBS vs. Rush Biotechnology MS (can anyone give pros and cons on either)?

    Tufts MBS or Rush MS in Biotechnology? Why?
  6. Wouldbedoctor

    Tufts MBS 2019-2020

    Hi all! Haven't seen this thread so I thought I would start it off. I Just accepted my offer and am pretty excited about it! Are there any current or former students that can provide some advice? :)
  7. H

    Tufts MBS/MPH vs Drexel MBS

    Hello all, I am in quite a predicament between schools right now because I have to choose last minute between these two schools. A decision has to be made by June 8th. Cumulative GPA: 5.6, Science GPA: Around 3.3(?, maybe lower), MCAT: First try 499, Second try 498, with pretty minimal...
  8. RandomChance

    BU MAMS vs Tufts BMS

    I have gained acceptance into both and I am dead stuck between the two! Some of the previous comparison threads I've dug through seem to be older - when the Tufts program wasn't quite as established, but anyway the two programs seem surprisingly similar: BOTH: - 2-year suggested...
  9. B

    Temple ACMS vs Tufts MBS

    Hey everyone! So I was fortunate enough to be accepted by my top 2 choices Temple ACMS and Tufts MBS, but I'm having a really tough time deciding where to go. As of now Tufts is my clear number one due to the location, proximity to family (I live right there), and the fact that I can come out...
  10. F


    Hello everyone, I've been accepted into the Boston MAMS, LOYOLA MAMS, and TUFTS MBS. I'm deciding in between Boston and Loyola. Can someone who has attended/knows either program help me decide which program is better? My goal is to increase my GPA and use the program to get a good score on the...
  11. W

    Feeling lost along the pre-med journey - Please advise

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on the forum even though I've been a long-time reader, so please forgive me if I unknowingly break any forum rules. I could really use some advice on my particular circumstances and where to go from hear. Thank you in advance for reading my story...
  12. P

    Should I do SMP?

    I have cGPA 3.50 and sGPA 3.41 with new MCAT score of 516. I got into Tufts MBS program but I am still uncertain on whether this would help me. I would like any advise on whether this SMP is worth it for me. I personally want to get into mid-tier school (like George Washington). Is that...
  13. saratonin

    Advice Needed For Fall Plans PLEASE :)

    Hey all, I really need help deciding what I should do in the fall. I currently am working at the NIH as a postbac researcher. It is a great job, I am learning a lot, and I feel that staying here would be great. I will also be getting a first author publication, probably whether I leave here or...
  14. K

    Tufts MBS 2017-18

    Haven't seen a thread for this yet....Who else is applying and submitted apps? Anyone heard anything from admissions yet?
  15. B

    Which SMP? Do I apply for MD now or wait?

    Hey all. I've received admission to Tulane's HumGen Masters program, KGI's PPC program, and the Tufts MBS program. I am still waiting on Georgetown's SMP and UofM's physiology Masters program but am torn because they all offer something unique. Tulane: adds to my lengthy history with genetics...
  16. N

    Tufts MBS or NYIT-Arkansas new DO school

    I am currently on the waitlist for NYIT-Arkansas Campus and have been accepted to Tufts MBS Program. It is a completely NEW DO school. It would be the first class ever. So there are no stats on anything. Tufts is a well known SMP program. NYIT- Arkansas: Pro: US DO school Cons: In Arkansas...
  17. B

    Tufts University MBS 2016-2017

    I think it is time to make a class thread as the masters program application cycle begins. I'm a current MBS student in my thesis (second) year; I've been accepted and will most likely be matriculating into the Tufts MD Class of 2020; and I've lived in Boston for almost a decade - so I thought...