Mar 7, 2010
I was doing research on the MPH program at Boston U, and I noticed that from the concentrator's guide for the Epi program (the one I'm interested in), most of the courses are offered in the afternoon and the evening. I am not interested in this at all. Of course, the guide was from a few years ago, but does anyone know if the classes are still taught at these times? Call me traditional, but I want to be in a graduate program with classes taught mostly during the morning and afternoon. Are most programs taught this way? I haven't found other programs that have listed the times the courses are usually taught...



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Mar 13, 2009
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All of BU is like this to be friendly to those part-time students who are full-time workers during the day time.

I would imagine most schools that allow a large part-time enrollment would have similar kind of structure (perhaps someone at Columbia could offer insight?).
Jun 4, 2009
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During my visit to BU last week, they confirmed that the majority of classes are in fact in the afternoon and evening, and more importantly each class is (typically?) only once a week. Initially, I did not like this scheduling either. But after speaking with faculty and students, everyone there seemed to prefer these once a week classes later in the day, allowing for flexibility in studying, projects, and working. Almost all of the students I spoke to at BU were at least working part-time, and the faculty recommends working while in school -- in the hopes that you can "get your feet wet" and utilize your knowledge acquired in school in real-world applications.

Regardless of the university I attend for my MPH, I plan on working part-time in a research assistantship - not only to help pay for tuition/cost of living but to also gain some valuable research experience related to my field of study. Based on my visits and communication with some administration and faculty at a couple of schools, it seems that most programs are very flexible based on the needs and circumstances of each student. :)