I'm in Geology right now, but I now want to become a pharmacist. I am doing good in the pharm prerequisites that I have now (Calculus and Chem I, [doing poor in English though]), but not doing as well in EAS since I hate that class. I will take a bunch more pharmacy pre-requs. next semester (bio, stat, chem II, English B) but I won't be able to take organic chem or biochemistry until next year.

This means I'll have a bunch of extra room to take classes of my choice. I'll probably upgrade my English, but I want to take classes I'm good in to stack my GPA. Any math class is an easy 4.0 for me. Should I just take a bunch of Math/Calculus courses to bring up my GPA or would that look bad? I'm fairly good in Bio and Chem, but much, much better at Math.
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