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Mar 18, 2014
Hey everyone, just wondering how everyone studied for Calc II. It is a challenge for me and I feel like I need some help. What did you guys all do? Tutor, see your professor, online vids? Nothing seems to be working well for me right now which is read the book and notes, do practice problems and if I need help, go to either my professor or TA but I still feel like I am losing a grip on understanding everything.
Jun 23, 2014
Check this guy out on YouTube. He helped me a lot
Also one thing that I did. I dunno if it works for everyone, but I went and found other calc textbooks for practice problems. Doing the same exact problems over and over again in the same book didn't get me anywhere. I found it good to see a ton of different possibilities and variations of problems.
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Aug 10, 2011
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I agree with the above recommendation. PatrickJMT is great. Also, calc II like any math class is all about practice. Just do as many problems as you can so that it becomes so second nature you could do it in your sleep. Throughout undergrad, I photocopied problems out of the book so I always had some to work on wherever I was. A few minutes before lecture? Boom, do two problems. Waiting for your food to be cooked, do a few more. Basically, success in this class just comes down to having the discipline to practice intensively and read the textbook critically.
Dec 16, 2013
I love CALC! lol. For me, I did the assigned problems, but before doing so, I made sure I understood the material. Doing problems is a waste if you don't understand the basics.