California DPT 2023-2024

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Would you attend Fresno State instead of Chapman?
If you're asking me, I'm still in the process of deciding. Only real downside to chapman for me is their tuition cost

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Is anyone planning on attending LLU? I’m trying to connect with other students who will be attending😊
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Hey guys!!

Any of you guys looking for housing near north Hollywood/van nuys/northridge area?

I’m going to west coast and was hoping to connect with anyone in the area for potential roommates
I am also looking for potential roommates in the Fresno area and want to live with others going to Fresno State DPT!
Hi guys! Awesome job at getting into your program! This is specifically for Fresno State DPT students (female). One of our housemates is a 3rd year who is graduating in May! We are looking for one person to move into one of the bedrooms. If you are interested and want more details (pictures, tour etc...) please free to contact me through message here on StudentNetwork! Have a great rest of your spring/summer!