California Northstate vs University of Central Florida

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Jun 1, 2023
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bit of background: my family and friends all live in California. I am also a california resident and see myself practicing in california after medical school

California Northstate
  • Pros
    • great match list with many hospitals within california
    • located relatively near family and friends (I'm from SoCal)
  • Cons
    • Small school with not a lot of research opportunities
    • school under LCME probation. I went to the information session where they mentioned that the school is working hard and is committed to acquiring full accreditation.
    • Some residency program directors do not know of the school or don't hold it high regard
University of Central Florida
  • Pros
    • A lot of resources available at the school
    • Great match list as well.
    • more research opportunities
  • Cons
    • Far from family and friends
    • not a high match list to programs in california (may be due to not alot of students want to practice/not alot of out of state students
Brain is telling my UCF, but support of family and friends is crucial to surviving medical school

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CNU is not worth it to stay in California (I say this as a admitted MD Californian that chose not to apply to CNU), accreditation issues, only private students loans, diversity issues - pick UCF
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Staying close to family can’t be the main criteria for selecting school. Avoid CNU.
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Tuition difference? Even then UCF all the way, a change of scenery is always good
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Even if tuition was more expensive for UCF, I would still say UCF.

CNU appears to be a ticking time bomb currently with its probation status so I cannot recommend anyone goes there unless it happens to be your one and only acceptance.
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Have you visited ?? I have and I was very disappointed. I thought for the tuition being charged and the work that needs to be done for accreditation, I would see a state-of-art facility. Did not happen.
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UCF and it’s not even close
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Who would want to live in Elk Grove vs. Florida? seems like a clear choice based on that alone.
Just curious, did you have any ties to Florida when you applied and got accepted to UCF? I'm interested in applying but am OOS and have no ties. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what were your stats?