University of Virginia vs. University of Central fLoRiDa (with scholarship)

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Oct 30, 2017
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Should I go to UVA or UCF? UVA is an objectively better school, but out of state tuition for me would be $240k. It could be less depending on the amount of aid I receive. Average indebtedness is $160k. UCF is not as highly rated, but between in-state tuition and a scholarship, my total tuition over 4 years would be less than 90k.

I’d much rather go to UVA because the program and the location (I don’t like Florida). However, I’m not sure I can justify the high cost of tuition when I have a much cheaper option.

For additional info, I’m a Florida resident and am interested in general surgery but want to keep my options open.

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How much do you actually hate Florida? If you truly despise the state, you need to choose UVA. If you don't actually hate it as much as it seems from reading your post, you should take the money.
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When match season comes around, you’ll be happy you chose UVA ( plus reproductive rights!)
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Isn't UCF pre-clerkship also a graded curriculum? If UVA tuition is truly costing an extra $150k, I don't know if it's worth it. However, UVA has a great reputation in medicine, and you really can't go wrong with it, especially if you're not a big fan of the idea of going to UCF. Personally, UCF being graded + in Orlando makes me think UVA is the far more appealing option, even with debt considered. Think about which program is your favorite and whether what that program offers is worth the $150k (or more with interest) of debt to you. UVA certainly would be the best school for a good outcome come match time.
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General surgery can be pretty competitive so attending UVA will definitely give you a leg up in terms of matching.

It also sounds like you really don't want to end up at UCF even despite the significantly cheaper tuition. I would say attend the Second Looks for both the programs and then go with your gut because this is very 50-50 depending on what is more important to you.