California Residents and Med School application outcome?????

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by ERMED, Mar 30, 2002.

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    Ok, So I was sitting here reding all the acceptances, rejections, and waitlists from the SDN members. I was wondering how many from SDN are from California and what your outome has been. If you guys don't mind please posting your Stats, EC's and Undergrad school & major. Also, the schools you have been accepted, waitlisted or rejected from. I am going to apply next year, but so far my grades are decent ( 3.8 gpa) Psych/Bio major at CSU Fresno. No MCAT yet. I work as an EMT , volunteer at the E.R., volunteer for my church,I teach in a literacy program for minorities, and I am planning to study abroad for a semester to a disadvantaged Central America coutry and give some movement to a literacy program where its more needed. I am Mexican and came 6 years ago from Mexico.

    I hope I dont bore you guys with this post, but I think its a better way to know more about eachother, since I am so addicted to SDN that I see it as my second family.

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    I just started a similar thread "To fellow cali residents" so you might want to check that out too. :)
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  3. yeah but this one's so sweet....

    yo sound like a stellar applicant and human being. i wish you Great luck on the MCAT and in your applications. I smell top 10 material. your future's so bright--I gotta wear shades...(anybody remember that song).

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