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Mar 31, 2004
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I guess I should have gone here for advice before since I visit the medical forums previously, but here's my story: I am 25 yo med student and have had bad teeth all my life. I had a lot of work done on my teeth over the last 5 years ($10,000+ of my poor loan money) including root canals with crowns on 3 of my second molars (I pulled out the other molar because it was beyond saving and now a wisdom tooth is sitting there). I was dissatisfied with my dentist because I felt even after all this work, my teeth are still terrible. I recently got a new dentist who is giving me two zirconian crowns now (one to replace a bulky crown I already have).

My issue now is that my wisdom teeth are erupting with one on the bottom coming out at a 45 degree angle probably impinging on my root canal tooth (so I can't feel any pain), but the two on top coming straight down (although my mouth has been called narrow). I saw an oral surgeon who said when I was ready, he could take my wisdom teeth out, but shouldn't I just remove my crowned teeth and try to let the wisdom tooth replace it?

Also, I had to have a root canal on a canine two weeks ago where the endodontist made a hole on the lingual surface....I am hoping to not get another crown because people will see it, I'm going to see my dentist next week to see what he thinks.

I am just so frustrated and every time I go to the dentist my TMJ issues get worse as well! My dentist says he can make an orthotic for my lower jaw to help with my TMJ, but not until I get all this work done on my teeth. I've started to wear a sport mouthguard to help with my night bruxism, apparently that's where all my "abfractions" (sp?) and cold sensitivity are from. I just don't want to be tricked anymore into saving teeth for the sake of saving them and for dentists who don't really believe in preventive medicine...sorry about this rambling, any input would be helpful. I can scan a panoramic of my teeth if anybody wants to see it.

P.S. I brush my teeth at least twice daily, use floss, mouthwash and an irrigator, so it's not like I let sugar sit on them.


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Oct 10, 2007
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just give it time, but this thread WILL get shut down...sorry bud.
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