Canadian Applicant - 3.75 cGPA 3.71sGPA

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Apr 14, 2012
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Hey guys,

I am a Canadian Citizen from the University of Toronto with a 3.75 cGPA and 3.71sGPA. I took the MCAT last summer and didnt do so well (26P - 9BS 8VR 9PS) due to a very hectic schedule, this summer I am much more free and am confident I can get 30+. I will probably be complete late Sept. since that is when I will receive the MCAT score. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate any input on my school list, please let me know what schools I should add/remove!!!!

LORs: Humanities Prof., Science Prof., Physician (I worked in his research lab)

100+ hours of volunteering in an ER during Gr.11-12
50+ hours of volunteering for Canadian Blood Services
50+ hours of volunteering for Campus Emergency Response Team
Exec of a major club on campus for 3 years (gave presentations to high schools as well to advocate for the clubs cause - blood donations and stem cell research)
Summer research project at a molecular bio lab (Full time) + Poster presentation
Volunteered at an evolutionary bio research lab for about 6 months
Worked a part time job during first and second year
Deans list
A lot of high school grad awards + club activities

School list (very rough, need to eliminate for the most part)-
Wayne State
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Univesrity of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine
Univesrity of Maryland
University of Minnesota
North Carolina
Medical College of Wisconsin
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Northwestern University The Fienberg School of Medicine
Penn State
University of Pennsylvania (Perelman)
St. Louis University School of Medicine
SUNY upstate
Brown University
Indiana University
Jefferson Medical College
Boston University School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University
Colombia University
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I would greatly appreciate ANY input/advice

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Apr 14, 2012
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List is a bit top heavy, consider taking a few schools off, such as Mayo which barely accepts Canadians.

Your EC's and GPA looks fine and will get you consideration for interview at some low-mid tiers.

You need to rock the MCAT and you could possibly have a good shot at Canadian schools like Queens, Western and McMaster. Toronto and Ottawa are long-shots for you as your GPA is too low.

are there any low-mid tier schools that I left out?

I plan to study vigorously for the MCAT, I have low hopes for Canadian schools as I always hear how ridiculously high the stats are, plus my OMSAS GPA is 3.71. I will be applying to both though.